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July 14, 2010 6:52 AM

2010 All Star Game


I've been told recently that people love reading bullet-point entries.

And by "people" I mean the Southern Bureau and Justin in NYC.

So this is kind of like a Sunday Paper on Wednesday...just a bunch of comments, Mets-related or not, about the 2010 All Star Game, in bite-size pieces.


*Fun game, and thank goodness the National League won.  1996 was a long time ago.  I hate to throw around the word "unbelievable", but I have a hard time believing that the last time the National League beat the American League in an All Star Game before Tuesday night was about a month after I graduated high school.

*Great stat, from the Elias Sports Bureau via Jayson Stark's Twitter feed - The 8 elected starting National League position players were all under 30 years old - the first time it had happened since the 1962 American League team.

*Also from Twitter - the ESPY's are Wednesday night, and many of the Jets are out in LA for the show.  Apparently Mark Sanchez, Santonio Holmes, Dustin Keller and Rex Ryan were at the Home Run Derby.  Sanchez keeps tweeting it as "Jets West Camp".  Personally, I'd switch it to "Jets Camp West".

*I think it's great that on such a big stage as the All Star Game these players wore the new Rawlings helmets that are more protective of the head.  These were the ones that David Wright got so much grief over when he wore it coming back from his concussion, which was sort of oversized and looked kind of ridiculous.  As you can see at left, the new version is smaller.  I think with the awareness over head injuries right now, if there's a way to prevent a serious head injury, it needs to be used.

*I know I've written this before, but I love how the Major League Baseball All Star Game has the players using their regular uniforms.  I think it just looks cool.

*I've never seen Jonathan Broxton look as overpowering as he did in that ninth inning.

*David Wright went 2-for-2, before he was lifted for Scott Rolen in the bottom of the fifth inning.  He's now 6-for-13 in his All Star Game career.  I want to see him play on the World Series stage - something tells me he would respond very well.  Here's a recap of Wright's night:
-At the plate, Wright got an infield hit with one out in the 2nd inning.  He smoked the ball to second, Cano dived to knock it down, bobbled it and never got a throw off.  Might have been generous scoring, but Wright hit the ball hard - he deserved a hit.  He was erased by a 5-4-3 double play.  He led off the top of the fifth inning and singled up the middle.  He stole second base, and could have gone to third base as the ball went into center field, but he didn't know where the ball was.  He was stranded at third after a single to right field, strikeout, and fly out.
-Wright was flawless in the field with two chances: He snagged a sharp low line drive hit right at him by Carl Crawford in the bottom of the third, and got Miguel Cabrera in the 4th on a pretty routine ground ball to his left.

I'm convinced had Wright scored to put the National League up 1-0 in the fifth, he would have been the MVP.  Instead, Braves catcher Brian McCann, who left Wright stranded on third in that fifth inning, came through in the seventh with a three-run double to lead the NL to their 3-1 win.

A Braves player over a Mets player?  Hopefully not a sign of things to come...But if October ends up with the Mets over the Braves, the Mets will have McCann to thank for their home field advantage in the World Series.

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