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July 30, 2010 10:10 PM

A Feel-Good Mets Story


There haven't been too many times this year the Mets have left me smiling.

(It's even less likely on a night the bullpen blew a shot at getting Mike Pelfrey back into the 'Win' column.)

And I've been a little bit down on the SNY guys this year - part and parcel, I guess, of rooting for such a frustrating team.

But Friday night on SNY, I was reminded how fun it can be to be a fan.

It was such a giddy moment, though there is a part of me that's jealous about all of this.  (After all, I'm the guy who never even got his question on 'Ask Tim & Ralph'.)

In the bottom of the third inning, the SNY booth had the winner of the "KidCaster" contest in the booth.  She's a soon-to-be-11th grader from Brooklyn, who clearly loves the Mets...and David Wright.  She won an essay contest and then beat out ten other contestants to get the half-inning in the booth.  Gary Cohen asked her if she had any catchphrase she planned on using, and she said she would say, "Touch them all, you deserve it!, if someone, like David Wright, hit a homer."

So after there were two out, Cohen handed the mike over to her to call Angel Pagan's at-bat.  Pagan walked on four pitches, bringing up Wright.  Cohen tells her to keep going.  At this point you can just hear the excitement in her voice, you can just tell this is the biggest moment in her life.

And sure enough, David Wright delivered his second home run of the game.  The girl in the booth remembered to use her catch phrase.

And Gary Cohen was awesome.  He said all the right things to make this just the perfect moment.  "How could that have worked out any better?"  Ron Darling added, "I guess David Wright will stay your favorite player a little while longer..."  And Cohen told her that it was "just perfect".

In a very imperfect season for the Mets, they did something very right for a fan...something that they really had very little control over.

Just perfect.

(I'm not sure of the legal ramifications of putting a high school girl's name on my blog without permission, so I'll only provide this link to the contest page...which has yet to be updated to the 2010 winner.)

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