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July 9, 2010 11:45 AM

A Lee Deal?


Big rumors swirling today that the Yankees are on the verge of trading for Cliff Lee.

I'll believe it when I see it actually happen.

No offense to anyone reporting this (first credit went to the New York Post), but I heard earlier in the week that a deal with the Texas Rangers was on the verge of completion.

So I'll wait this one out....and while I'm waiting, I'll hold out hope that the Mets will get in on the action.

It's not even imperative that the Mets get in on the Cliff Lee talks.  Though I wouldn't be disappointed if the Mets somehow landed the lefty.

(Truth be told, I've never been big on Cliff Lee.  I have no idea why.  Every time I get down on him he turns it on and is awesome.  And of course, he's shown he's one of the best big-game pitchers in the majors right now.  It's a stubborn element in me that would make me an awful GM - I make a judgment and stick with it and wait for it to come true.  It's never going to come true with Cliff Lee - he's legit.  So I'll take him on the Mets.  But I'll secretly harbor reservations and always fear that he'll be a disappointment.)

What would disappoint me is if the Mets go through this trading season without making a move, as they have the past couple of years.  (Oh, wait, they got Jeff Francoeur last year after the trading deadline.)  The Mets are barely even mentioned in these trade talks, besides when people note what their needs are.  I came across an ESPN headline today that said the Mets could be a landing spot for Ted Lilly.  Not much on Lee.

About a week ago Buster Olney tweeted that Ruben Tejada would not be enough to build a deal around for Cliff Lee, but Wilmer Flores, a prospect at single-A, could be enough.  But that was forever ago in it's not looking like Lee is a possibility.

The good news there is that the Mets have some youngsters who they could build a trade around.  I'd hate to see them sell the farm, but they have a good team this year, and I'd like to see them add pieces to it and try to get a World Series win.  They also have catcher Josh Thole, and while I love a good young catcher on my team, I think he's a valuable trade piece to teams looking for just such a prospect.

I'm not going to list here names of players I'd like the Mets to get.  I'm bad at making those projections.  What I'll do is tell you that I don't want to hear on August 1st the Mets say, "We've added an All Star player in Carlos Beltran for the second half, and we feel that's enough to put us over the top."

I don't think it is.  I want more.

Omar Minaya's M.O. seems to be to fly under the radar and then make a big splash.  (Remember the winter meetings when the Mets signed Francisco Rodriguez and traded for Johan Santana?)  I hope he's working the phones right now and we just don't know about it.

It's time to start making some deals.

UPDATE:  I guess the Mets were somewhat active in Lee talks.  Jon Heyman reported on Twitter that they didn't want to give up Ike Davis and Jon Niese (good), and Ruben Tejada and Fernando Martinez were not enough to get the job done.  Also, he says, the Jenrry Mejia injury killed their chances.

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