200 Miles From the Citi

July 3, 2010 10:27 AM

Mets-Strasburg Live Blog


I'm pretty excited about today's Mets game.

I've been enjoying watching Stephen Strasburg's first few starts, and obviously I love watching the Mets.  Put those two things together and it's an event.

So I'm going to live-blog the event.

The possibilities are exciting here - I guess ideally I'd like to see Strasburg pitch well in a Mets win - like 1-0, Mets.

But I could easily see Strasburg recording 21 K's against the Mets.

Keep checking back after 4pm - this should be a fun afternoon.

12:07pm - While you're waiting for the game, you may be interested in a New York Times graphic from today's paper detailing the physics of Stephen Strasburg's pitching.  Not too heavy on the science, pretty interesting as to where the velocity comes from.

12:18pm - Love seeing the comments up and running.  Let's make this interactive today - feel free to post your thoughts along the way.  And a reminder, Southern Bureau, that the last live blog was an overwhelming success.  The Mets ones, though, you're right - epic failures.

3:15pm - A couple of nuggets from this article on  Ike Davis faced Strasburg in the Arizona Fall League.  And I had no idea that the Expos/Nationals franchise has the most wins ever against the Mets.

3:30pm - And the harsh realities of living '200 Miles From The Citi' sink in.  I can't believe I didn't check this ahead of time...but I assumed that with the Red Sox at 7 and the Yankees at 1, that the Mets versus Strasburg would be the FOX game in Massachusetts.  But we're getting Rays-Twins.  I'm embarrassed to have hyped up the live blog - sorry, there will be none.  Mostly though, I'm disappointed that I'm not going to be able to see the game.  Off to find another way to spend my afternoon...

4:10pm - Final word on the worst live blog ever - This is an absolute joke by FOX, showing the Tampa Bay game in the Boston area.  In September when pennant races factor in, it's a different story.  Today, the story is Strasburg...especially with the All Star Game "controversy" (will he play or not - I'll address that in the Sunday Paper) looming.  Everyone outside of Florida, Minnesota, and Atlanta should be watching Mets-Nationals.  Boo FOX.

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