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July 7, 2010 7:38 AM

Mister June


David Wright owns June.

In his career it is the month in which he has the highest batting average, the most home runs, the most hits, the most RBI, and highest slugging percentage.  (It's also tied for most stolen bases.)

2010's edition, though, became one to remember, as Wright was named the National League's June Player of the Month.

Wright finished this June hitting .404 in the month, with 6 homers, 11 doubles, and 29 RBI (helping him take the league lead in the category).

He also cut down on his strikeouts, and vaulted himself into the league leaders in batting average.

Do yourself a favor, if you can arrange it in the next couple of weeks, and check out David Wright at bat.  He is so locked in.

For Mets fans, the hope right now is that he spreads some of that June magic throughout the rest of the year.  He seems to have gotten past the late-season struggles that characterized his first years with the Mets - he was not one of the people you could blame for the '07 and '08 late-season collapses.  But he was just so hot in June that you hope he can keep it up.

One good sign is that the All Star Game is not taking Wright very far out of his schedule - though he has to go from New York to Los Angeles for the game, the team picks up the second half in San Francisco, so there's not a whole lot of travel involved there.

The early returns are certainly positive, as far as Wright maintaining his high level of play.

He has started July hitting .385.

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