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July 11, 2010 6:21 AM

Sunday Paper (Year 2, Volume XXVIII)

Revis_Wk_12_INT.JPGSomething tells me, when it comes to the Jets' contract negotiations, the squeaky wheel will not be the one getting the grease.

Partly it makes me feel nervous, because the Jets really, really need Darrelle Revis.  He is as good as he thinks he is.

But that's the other part of it - he has a very high opinion of himself and what he should be paid, and he's not afraid to share it.

That part is a big turnoff.

D'Brickashaw Ferguson was rewarded with a contract extension on Wednesday, getting $60 million over 6 years.  It's great to see the Jets invest in young talent, and it's great that Ferguson went about his work in a professional manner, waiting to get what he deserved.

Ferguson didn't negotiate through the media or twitter, he didn't sit out practices - in fact, the only time he talked on Twitter was Wednesday, saying (tweeting?), "I am thankful for this opportunity and happy to continue playing for NY."

Revis has taken the opposite approach, drawing attention to his situation (whether intentional or not, depending on how he talks about it) by sitting out plays at practice and talking about it himself and through his agent.  He seems to have a bunch of interests outside of football, too, which makes me think an extended holdout is something that wouldn't bother him.  (The story entering the weekend was that Revis and the Jets could be headed for a holdout.)

I can't think of a starker contrast between Ferguson's and Revis's situations than their approaches to their work.  As an offensive lineman, everything Ferguson does has to be in synch with his offensive teammates.

Revis is awfully fond of his "Revis Island" nickname.  It implies the opposition is stranded when he's covering them.

Unfortunately, I think it can also describe his approach to the concept of team.  He doesn't seem to mind being on an island by himself.

*I'm glad (relieved?) that the Cliff Lee deal with the Yankees fell through and he ended up going to Texas.  But didn't that kind of have the stink of teams calling the Mariners and saying to them, "If you deal Cliff Lee to the Yankees, we'll never deal with you or talk to you ever ever again?"  Like, maybe Boston and Tampa Bay and Toronto and Baltimore and Minnesota?  Call me skeptical....

*I heard somewhere that The Ballpark at Arlington is one of Lee's worst places to pitch.  Saturday night's start against the Orioles certainly backed that up.

*You know what you hardly ever see anymore on a consistent basis?  The "Due Up" above the scoreboard at the end of each half-inning on television.  You see it once in a great while, but no way does it happen every time like it used to.  I wonder why.

*I've been watching the 'Hard Knocks' reruns from last season, with the Cincinnati Bengals, on the NFL Network this week.  Such a well done show.  And it's got me looking forward to the Jets' appearance on the show, beginning August 11th.

*Dan Gilbert, owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, didn't do himself many favors this week, if you ask me.  I agree, it would be a cool story if the Cavs won a championship before LeBron won one with the Heat.  But I don't know if anyone would want to sign with a team whose owner is so willing to call out a superstar the way he did.  Part of me wants to commend him for saying what he did about LeBron (if indeed it is true - I don't have enough background knowledge to weigh in on whether James quit on the team - If you ask me, everyone around him quit), but a bigger part of me thinks it was the dumbest thing an owner could say.  It seems to me, hearing Dwayne Wade talk afterwards about his owner and how much he likes playing for him, that LeBron James made the right choice as far as that's concerned.

*I don't like NBA free agency season.  I don't much like following the sport these days to begin with...but then there's all this player movement that I can't keep track of.  And I know lots of people enjoy talking about these great trade ideas, like "this guy for this guy plus cash, to create room under the cap to sign this guy..."  Seems like zero fun to me.

*This week's satellite radio update - I've been spending a lot of time listening to MLB Network Radio.  I just can't get enough of XM right now.

*Finally, a couple of All Star Game notes:
-Pitchers can really send a message that this is the "Year of the Pitcher" Tuesday night in Anaheim.  I would love to see an All Star Game no-hitter.
-If memory serves me correctly, David Wright has had a decent All Star Game career.  He homered in his first All Star at-bat, which I remember clearly, and I think he has at least one hit in his other games...but I could be wrong about that.

*In case you missed the live torture yesterday, here's a chance to re-live the Mets' loss to the Braves in live blog fashion.

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