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July 5, 2010 12:00 AM

Vote Votto


I have no idea why this bothers me so much.

It's not like it's a member of the New York Mets who is being snubbed.

I don't have much personal attachment to this except for the fact that I thought he deserved to start at first base ahead of Albert Pujols...and I figured it was a given he'd at least make the team.

Now it's up to the arbitrariness of the me a favor and please Vote Joey Votto into the All Star Game.

I can't believe a guy who is hitting .312 with 19 homers and 57 RBI is not on the team. Ryan Howard made the team - he has 15 homers and is hitting .293.  Sure, he has more RBI, but consider the percentages:

Votto has a .412 on base percentage and a .572 slugging percentage.  Howard's numbers are .349 and .502, respectively.  (When I started this comparison, I thought Votto's numbers would blow away Howard's - I'm actually surprised Howard is having as good a year as he's having.  But still - Votto is having a better year.)

I also love the story here - Votto missed a lot of time last year dealing with the death of his father.  It was unexpected and he was honest about what a loss it was for him, and how he needed to be away from the game.  And here he is putting together an incredible comeback season and he's not getting the credit he deserves.

To boot, I'm reading that the snub is in large part because of the player ballots, in which they have a say in selecting the reserves.  To know that they blew it - it's all just making me incredibly angry.

But Votto is on that final man ballot - and the fans can still vote him in.  So do it for the numbers, do it for the sentimental story, do it because you're a Reds fan, do it because you don't want to see a former Mets reliever in the game (both Heath Bell and Billy Wagner are also up for the final man vote)...don't stop to think that Carlos Gonzalez is also quite deserving of an All Star spot - just vote in Joey Votto.

ONE MORE ALL STAR NOTE...FOR NOW:  It occurred to me on Sunday that Major League Baseball could have easily solved the Stephen Strasburg All Star controversy that I wrote about Sunday without even burdening Charlie Manuel with having to make a decision.

Strasburg should have been added to the final vote automatically.  The Final Vote is all about who the fans think deserves to be in the game....and the All Star Game should be all about who the fans want to see.  They want Strasburg?  They should vote him in.  They don't think he's paid his dues?  Don't vote for him.

But I'm OK with the way it worked out - he shouldn't be on this All Star team...especially when there are still deserving factions who have been left off.  (PS - does Jose Reyes really belong on this team, by the way?  Ugh.  So much to talk about.)

Vote Votto.

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