200 Miles From the Citi

July 28, 2010 2:09 PM

What A Surprise


I'm not sure what's more surprising:

That the Mets didn't fire anyone before Tuesday night's game?

That the Mets' offense finally came to life?

That it happened against Adam Wainwright and the Cardinals?

I guess the fact that the Mets were back home, where apparently they feel quite confident, makes it a little less surprising.  Also, it shouldn't be surprising that the Mets are going to make sure they are a baffling mess right before the trade deadline so that they can pretend to be buyers when they really probably should be sellers...and help make Omar Minaya's (final?) trade deadline a potential disaster.

Also, should we be surprised that the most inspired performance by the Mets' bats since before the All Star break came with Jerry Manuel suspended and Jason Bay out with a concussion?

Everyone in the starting lineup reached base at least once - including pitcher Jon Niese - and Niese turned in another excellent pitching performance.  Jeff Francoeur hit his first home run in a month (maybe his mind is at ease because with Bay sidelined, it's less likely he'll be traded, and he says he would like to stay in New York), and Jose Reyes homered, as he begins to look healthier and healthier.

Now the Mets have Johan Santana going, and can exact some revenge on the Arizona Diamondbacks, who come to town after the Cardinals...and reports are that R. A. Dickey, who was taken out of his last start with a possible injury, will be OK to make his next start.

Is it any surprise that I believe that, considering all of the above, along with another win by Santana tonight, the Mets could get themselves right back into the mix?

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