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July 13, 2010 1:10 PM

Where I'm Going


This is the second part of a two-part series on ballparks.

Maybe you're thinking about a ballpark visit this summer - I've already written about the ballparks I've been to, for your consideration.  

But there's about half the majors for me yet to visit.

Here now are the places I want to hit next, and why, in order of preference.

1.  Safeco Field - First of all, I hear it's beautiful.  Second of all, I'm going there next week anyway.  

2.  New Yankee Stadium - Out of convenience, this will be the next ballpark we see.  I can't believe I haven't been there yet, but we'll get there in August.

3.  Wrigley Field - I once had tickets to a Mets game in Chicago, and then thanks to an unreliable friend the tickets went to waste.  So I still haven't been to Wrigley.  Every year my wife and I talk about going, then something comes up.  We'll get there...but I want it to be soon.
-And while I'm there, I'll see US Cellular.

4.  Kauffman Stadium - I'm pretty sure this is the ballpark that in my mind caused an early interest in ballparks for me.  Fountains?  In the outfield?  The fact that they've gone natural grass over artificial turf only makes it more enticing to me.  It's very high on my list.

5.  AT&T Park - One of the biggest disappointments of our California swing (my wife and I went in April of 2006) was that when we were in the Bay Area the A's were home and the Giants weren't.  We walked around outside AT&T Park (SBC then, I guess, which is where I got the picture above left), but that only made me want to go inside even more.  So another trip to the Bay Area is in our future.

6.  Coors Field - Something about Denver draws me.  I have recurring dreams where I am in the upper deck at a Broncos game with some family members - not sure why - it's very random.  Maybe something about being a mile high in the Mile High City.  Regardless, I might have to make this trip during the month of September so I can overlap it with a football game.

7.  Target Field - The newest of the parks - always a big draw.  I hear it's beautiful, it looks great - We'll get there.

8.  The Ballpark At Arlington - A nice-looking park, but we're getting into the area of parks where we could easily switch them up - It's not like one takes great precedence over another.  

9.  Turner Field - I have a good friend in Atlanta who we're going to visit when we catch the Braves...I just don't know when that will happen.

10.  Busch Stadium - Again, a nice ballpark, probably a lot to see in the city as well.

11.  Angel Stadium - I have no desire to go back to Los Angeles - maybe Anaheim will be different.  Better yet, I'll go back to San Diego, stay there, drive a couple of hours up to the Angels game, then get back to San Diego and see Petco again while I'm at it.

12.  SkyDome - You know what, this should be higher on the list.  My wife and I have talked about a trip to Toronto a lot - we'll probably do a couple of nights in the city, and we'd really like to get one of the hotel rooms at the ballpark for at least a night.

13.  Miller Park - Maybe this should be higher on the list, but my sister was mugged in Milwaukee once, and I've been turned off the city ever since.

14.  Comerica Park - I actually have a great desire to see this ballpark, but once drove through Detroit and was not impressed.  I went out there for a wedding - another instance where it would have been great had the home team been home when we were there.

The last couple are parks that I just need to see to round out the set:
15.  Tropicana Field
16.  Pro Player/Dolphin/LandShark Stadium (Not sure what they're calling it now.  I went to a Jets-Dolphins game when it was Pro Player Stadium...that's good enough for me. Obviously, as soon as the Marlins get their new park, which looks great in drawings, it'll rocket up the list.)

Share comments if you've been to any of these parks and have anything to add.

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