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August 24, 2010 10:57 PM

As The Mets Walk Off, Will There Be A Jets Walk-On?


A lot to be excited about Tuesday night, as the Mets beat the Marlins in exciting fashion, and the Jets increasingly became the center of the attention of the NFL.

It's been hard for me to get excited about anything involving the Mets lately.

Every win from here on out just paints a rosier picture than what is really happening, and furthers the belief that they still have a chance to make the playoffs, which management still seems to believe, as though they were a 13-year-old version of me.  (OK...maybe even a 30-year-old version of me. But I'm 32 and skeptical now!)

But it was hard not to get excited about Tuesday night's win.

Here's why - Angel Pagan.  He's been a bright spot all season - and plays to another level when the Mets are at Citi Field.

But it wasn't a homer at Citi Field (in which Pagan and David Wright have been neck-and-neck for the all-time lead at the year-and-a-half-old ballpark) that was so exciting for Pagan on Tuesday.  It was a double.  And the circumstances it led to.

With two outs in the 8th and the Mets trailing 5-4, Pagan hit a roller up the middle. Single.  Except he hustled and made it a double...fairly easily, incidentally.  Carlos Beltran followed with a game-tying single to right field, which only scored the run because Pagan hustled out the double.

That set up a Luis Castillo game-winning single in the bottom of the ninth inning.  I don't love that the Mets are a game over .500, keeping alive their slim wild card hopes (and therefore giving merit to Jerry Manuel's comments that the Mets are "still in it").  I don't love that it was Castillo who drove in the winning run, because that makes it look like he didn't earn his benching and the loss of his job to the light-hitting Ruben Tejada.  But I love that Angel Pagan played good baseball and it paid off for the Mets.

*And if I'm excited about the Mets, you'd better believe I'm downright giddy about the Jets.  I am a little more excited than I probably should be about the rumors that the Jets are on the verge of signing Darrelle Revis.  But it makes me smile just thinking about it.

The Jets rewarded Nick Mangold on Tuesday with a contract extension that made him the highest-paid center in the NFL.  Now, it would be bad business for them to do this just because Mangold didn't hold out and reported to camp and honored his contract and went about his business...but I kind of like to think that played into the Jets' thinking a little bit.

Either way, the news of the Mangold signing comes after a Tim Cowlishaw report (via tweet) that the Jets and Revis were going to announce a new deal "probably Wednesday".  Everyone else in the business is reporting.....nothing.  The Jets are denying it.

I am just thrilled that this might happen.  Wednesday will be fun...capped by 'Hard Knocks'.  And if the Jets use the 'Hard Knocks' forum to break the news - that would be just awesome.

The Mets walking off the field.  Darrelle Revis walking through the Jets door?  That would have Jets fans walking on air.

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