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August 11, 2010 1:30 PM

Buffalo Bills: 2010 Preview


If the Buffalo Bills played the New York Jets every week, they'd probably have a shot at finishing the season 8-8.

But, unfortunately for them, they'll only get to put a scare into the Jets twice this year, and the rest of their schedule will expose them as a team that is much worse than .500.

Taking a totally Jets-centric view of the Bills to start, I'm scared to death of C. J. Spiller.  I've mentioned this before, but he's got a chance to be a solid pro overall, and he's the type of player who could be otherworldly against the Jets, a la Ronnie Brown and former Bills like Travis Henry and Willis McGahee.  Matter of fact, I like Spiller so much I might make him my early favorite for Rookie of the Year.

But other than Spiller, I'm not sure I see an offensive threat on the Buffalo roster.  Sure, Lee Evans is talented, but who's getting him the ball?  Similarly, either Trent Edwards or Ryan Fitzpatrick could be serviceable, if they had anyone other than Evans to provide targets.  That offense should be among the worst in the league.

The Bills' defense is interesting.  A year ago they were terrible against the run, but deadly against the pass.  The skeptic in me wants to believe that's because teams would just run on them and not throw the ball, thereby padding the passing stats, but they have some very good defenders in the secondary - Terrence McGee has been good the last few years, and rookie Jairus Byrd had nine interceptions.  Up front, though, the Bills are going to a 3-4 set-up instead of a 4-3...seems to me that the run defense might get a bit worse during that transition before it improves.

And the Bills have a lot more than just a defensive scheme to change before they join the rest of the teams in the AFC East as playoff contenders.

Or, at least, before they become a feared foe against anyone other than the Jets twice a year.

2010 Prediction:  2-14, 4th place in AFC East

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