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August 12, 2010 1:14 PM

Cleveland Browns: 2010 Preview


A four-game winning streak to end the 2009 season may have helped save the job of head coach Eric Mangini.

But it also filled Cleveland football fans with false hope.

(If the very idea of hope in Cleveland isn't oxymoronic.)

The addition of Mike Holmgren as team president is reason for more optimism.  It's not unrealistic to think he'll build Cleveland a winner, but it is unrealistic to think it will happen in 2010.

Jake Delhomme is an intriguing figure.  He won in the past in Carolina, then saw all that success go down the drain with a 5-interception performance against Arizona in the 2008 playoffs.  2009 was a continuation of that post-season performance - Delhomme had just eight touchdowns and threw 18 interceptions.  Did the playoff game kill his confidence going into last season?  And if so, is his confidence back for this year, his first as a Browns quarterback?  And if he has fragile confidence, was it very wise to bring in Seneca Wallace, kind of a Mike Holmgren guy from Seattle, as the backup/challenger for the starting job?

The quarterback position has the chance to be as unsettled this year as it has been the past few, when starts bounced between Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson.  The problem is, there's not much help at the receiver position for anyone who plays QB to throw to.  Either way, whoever plays quarterback this year is a placeholder for the guy the Browns drafted last year to hopefully take over the position - Colt McCoy.

Eric Mangini fancies himself a defensive expert...but there just doesn't seem to be that much talent on either side of the ball in Cleveland to make anyone there look good.  The most talented unit for the Browns is probably their special teams, led by return man Joshua Cribbs...and that's never a recipe for success.

2010 looks to be another year of taking stock of what the Browns have so Holmgren can pick apart and add to the roster as he sees fit.

Or so Cleveland fans would hope.

2010 Prediction:  5-11, 4th place in AFC North

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