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August 11, 2010 11:27 PM

Hard Knocks: Week 1


When it comes right down to it, I think I'm more Bill Belichick than Rex Ryan.

Don't get me wrong here - as a fan, I love the openness of Ryan and the Jets.

But from a business, it doesn't really seem smart.

All I could think about as I watched week one of 'Hard Knocks' was, "Should other teams really be seeing this?"

There weren't a ton of secrets revealed...but it seemed like there was enough in one 50-minute episode for other teams to pick up on:
-Mark Sanchez has great hands.  Any team would be dumb not to cover him if he goes wide in a gadget play.
-LaDainian Tomlinson is a threat down the sideline - the Jets will pass to him if "you man up on LT".

Further, I do not see this 'Hard Knocks' situation helping the Darrelle Revis holdout.  The talk about him is certainly complimentary (loved Rex Ryan doing a bed check on Revis' empty room), but I feel like the side conversations related to the negotiations don't help.  "That's the first non-negative conversation I've had with him," - I feel like those words were not meant for the Revis camp to hear.

*I was surprised at what a prominent role Mike Tannenbaum played in the first episode.  I guess I didn't think about how front and center the front office would be, but from punt, pass, and kick contests with Ryan to releasing players in week one (that guy Kia was pissed), to saying he felt like a "failure" with the Revis negotiations...I did not expect that much of a presence by Tannenbaum.

*In case you lived under a rock and weren't sure what you were going to get out of Ryan, HBO set the tone for the series by opening with Ryan at mini-camp talking about vacationing with his in-laws.  Hilarious.

*I loved how part of Ryan's 'welcome' package to LaDainian Tomlinson was a packet of all of the negative articles written about the Jets.  I wonder if Tomlinson even bothers to read that.

*Throw this in the category of "too much information" above - 1)  Do other teams need to hear Rex Ryan's motivational speeches?  Can't that be used against the Jets at some point?  2)  How awesome was that "Lead the League in Wins" speech that he opened camp with?  No wonder the players love the guy.  3)  I hope Ryan doesn't use up all his good stuff in the pre-season.

*I got the sense John Conner and the fullback situation was a late add to HBO's arsenal - I feel like they went 0-for-3 in their "Rookies We'll Follow" attempt...then Kia was deemed 'terrible', Basped had bad knees (they were both cut), and Satele got hurt.  But it's gold - from Ryan's story about why he drafted Conner to the fact that the Jets are stacked at the position - it turned out OK for the show.

*I don't even know what to say about Joe Namath.  That whole part made me uncomfortable.  When I first heard he visited camp, I didn't think twice about it - he does it every year.  I figured it was along the lines of Marty Schottenheimer's visit - just to check out the scene.  But ol' Broadway Joe sure does enjoy those cameras - I think he extended his stay too long.  I wonder if Mark Sanchez and the coaches were really interested in Namath's take on handling the snap and Santonio Holmes' effort running routes or if he barreled his way into that meeting so he could be on HBO.  Wow.

*I'll give my impressions of each week's show, but I also urge you to check out Justin's recaps over at Sports Crackle Pop! because he's been doing these 'Hard Knocks' reviews for years and they're always awesome.

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