200 Miles From the Citi

August 12, 2010 3:28 PM

Hard To Love


The Mets sure don't make it easy.

I want to be thrilled that Johan Santana threw a complete game, 4-hit shutout on a day the bullpen badly needed to rest.

Until I think of it in terms of the guy being sued for rape for the team who didn't have their closer available because he was arrested the night before for assaulting a family member.

It's such a surreal scene to see a guy like Francisco Rodriguez being led into a police car after spending the night in a holding cell at Citi Field.  And pretty infuriating.

The arrest comes as I'm working on something for my Sunday Paper about brawls in baseball - and how part of me wants to see the Mets do something like that just to show they have some fire in them.  Then this happens, and it's clear they're not channeling their aggression in the appropriate way.

I understand why the players are frustrated - but things are not being done the right way at Citi Field.  Rodriguez's arrest came after he berated reporters - "Why are you [bleeping] talking to me?!!  I didn't play in the [bleeping] game!??!"  They want your opinion on what happened, K-Rod.  For the exact same reasons that your teammates today are answering questions about your actions last night.  To paraphrase...they didn't beat up their [bleeping] fathers-in-law.

The Mets are a team in turmoil.  Jose Reyes and Jerry Manuel are sniping at each other through the media about Reyes' preparation and recent costly errors.  Santana has his lawsuit from a woman accusing him of rape in Florida.  David Wright is on pace to out-strikeout his career-worst season strikeout total from a year ago....and showed his frustration in the dugout Wednesday night by bashing the bench with his bat.  And now Francisco Rodriguez brings the franchise's struggles further into the national spotlight with the latest in a string of instances where he has lost his temper.

With all of that going on, it's hard to enjoy a ballgame.  Even when it's one as well-pitched as Santana's gem on Thursday afternoon.

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