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August 21, 2010 1:29 PM

Miami Dolphins: 2010 Preview


The Dolphins are kind of a turning point in these NFL previews.

First of all, I may have them underrated with my pick - each of the past two years they were better than I expected, so they may be this year as well.

Secondly, there are going to be some good AFC teams that do not make the playoffs.  The Dolphins could be one of those teams that end up right on the cusp of the post-season.

Chad Henne did a fine job a year ago after taking over the starting job.  And maybe it's just sour grapes from me, because he beat the Jets twice in less than a month.  Or maybe it's just me thinking I noticed something when I didn't...because there are lots of coaches out there who get paid to uncover these sorts of things and I'm sure would have exploited it more if it's true.  But I'm going to throw it out there, at the risk of Henne correcting this major flaw, and at the risk of other teams benefitting from it (which I guess could include the Jets):

He only throws to one side of the field!!!

I know.  It sounds ridiculous.  But look at some tape from last year - I'm going to say 90% of his passes were thrown to the right side of the field...and 85% of the time within that 90% he didn't even look to his left.

I suppose if Brandon Marshall lines up on the right side this year, Henne will just keep throwing that way - because he's a receiver like none other Henne has had in his young career.  Marshall's presence will not only benefit Henne, but also the other receivers in Miami, like tight end Anthony Fasano or wide receiver Greg Camarillo, who reminds me so much of Wes Welker the way he plays.  But I'm telling you - Henne was one-dimensional as far as how he looked downfield last year.

Miami's defense was surprisingly bad in 2009.  I don't have much to say about it other than the fact that any improvement there could be the difference between 7 wins a year ago and the 7 wins I'm projecting for them this year.

2010 Prediction:  7-9, 3rd place in AFC East

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