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August 29, 2010 4:33 PM

Nothing But Bad News


Maybe it's because I'm going back to school tomorrow, but everything today kind of seems to be a cloud with no silver lining.

There are a few things I'm disappointed about, from injuries to behaviors to performance, if you'll allow me to vent a little bit.

*The news came down today that Calvin Pace will miss four-to-six weeks with surgery on the foot he injured in Friday night's game.  The way the Jets have played so far, it seems like losing a player - especially one with Pace's talent - could really play negatively on the team psychologically.  It just doesn't seem like they are in a position to be losing anyone.  I guess the one positive could be that the Jets started last season with Pace suspended four games, and they went 3-1 in those games, but you still hate to have a guy sidelined before the season even starts.

The talk is that the Jets might be interested in Adalius Thomas as a replacement, and he has a history with Rex Ryan from their days in Baltimore.  My question is, though, if it was a great relationship, wouldn't Ryan have tried to scoop him up right away when he was available?

*In the past I have sung the praises of Washington Nationals outfielder Nyjer Morgan.  I fell in love with his talents by having his speed on my fantasy team a couple of years running.  The more I learn about him, though, the more I'd like to take it all back.  Morgan is currently appealing a 7-game suspension for throwing a baseball into the stands in Philadelphia and hitting a fan in the head.  Morgan claims he didn't do it maliciously, the fans in the stands claim Morgan was being heckled and it was retaliatory.  I don't know that Morgan has solid legs to stand on in his argument - he threw a fit earlier this year in the outfield after misplaying a fly ball, and it resulted in an inside-the-park home run for the batter.  And his past is reportedly spotted with temper issues and misbehaviors. Unless I hear something positive out of the Morgan camp, I am no longer a Nyjer Morgan fan.

*Another outstanding start by R.A. Dickey this afternoon.  I haven't written much about him, but I'd love to see the Mets lock him up long-term.  I bet they get three or four good years out of him (I'd say four or five, but Dickey had a pretty excellent year in the minors last year, and wasted that one.)  Think about what Tim Wakefield did for the Red Sox in the 2002-2005 seems like Dickey is approaching that part of his career.

*Another word on Friday night's Jets game with the Redskins.  Even though it was the end of the third quarter into the fourth quarter, the first-string offense ended with a nice drive that ended with a Dustin Keller touchdown catch.  The talk was that the Jets first-stringers hadn't scored a touchdown since the game with the Giants.  That touchdown, if you remember, was off a broken Giants' defensive play, where Brad Smith was left uncovered on a little 4-yard screen pass touchdown.  So neither one was really worth anything.  Now the word is that the starters won't even play this week against they won't be scoring again until the regular season.

I'll say this - Mark Sanchez had a similar pre-season last year (remember, all I wrote about was how much he was learning?)...and ended up taking the team to the AFC Championship Game.  I'm going to end this series of bad news issues with a positive - Let's not forget this team rises to the occasion.  We'll reassess this Jets offense when the games count.

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