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August 1, 2010 7:32 AM

Previewing The Football Preview


Sunday Paper (Year 2, Volume XXXI)

The Sporting News is my sports preview magazine for the baseball and football seasons.

Usually I'll try to buy it in New York, since the regional covers are all different and all things being equal I prefer a Mets or Jets cover...but sometimes I'm just unable to get there and have to settle for a New England cover, featuring the Red Sox or Patriots.

Well, this year I did something different (heck, maybe this is the key that unlocks a championship - heaven knows the previous 20+ years have been fruitless).

I bought my football preview in Seattle, so the Seahawks and Pete Carroll grace the cover.

I've written before about my approach to one of these preview magazines.  Here are the quick highlights in case you don't click over:

I don't read it in order - I'll start with the articles, then skip around from team to team (always within the same division - but again, no specific order to the divisions), and take fantasy notes as well as notes for my division previews on the site.  In addition to statistics and the other regular content, I like to look at things like players' birthdays and inevitably, the mistakes in the magazines - this one is usually poorly edited, for whatever reason.

Anyway, that's taking up the majority of my time these days, but I am trying to think of a unique way to preview the NFL season for you.  I was really proud of the baseball preview I did - and I feel like I did good preparation, because my predictions are rocking right now.  So I want to mirror that for the NFL, but I'm not sure the same division-by-division format will work for the NFL - at least, not the way I picked out a 'common theme' and all.  So maybe I'll go team-by-team, which is the way I'm leaning strongly towards at this point.  I'll let you know...but it'll be coming soon.

*A couple of trade deadline notes:
-I had read Roy Oswalt really wanted to become the all-time wins leader in Astros history before he was traded - he finished one win shy of Joe Niekro.  That makes me sad.  Especially when you consider he lost four of his final five decisions, and included in that stretch were a couple of excellent starts where he twice allowed two runs in 7 innings, another one where he allowed nothing in seven innings, and still lost or didn't factor in the decision.  (A couple of clunkers too, but that's beside the point.)  The story of Oswalt's career in Houston was zero run support - he should easily have that all-time lead, and have more than 150 career wins.
-Similarly, Dan Uggla was tied for the Marlins' franchise lead in all-time homers as of the trade deadline.  He's still with the team, so he'll grab that lead, but I fully expected he would get traded before he could set the team mark.  I am shocked that Uggla wasn't traded - that's been rumored for so long.

*It didn't take David Wright long to get hot again.  In addition to being on an RBI tear (8 in the last two games), he doubled home two in the 7th to tie Saturday night's game.  And the double wasn't just his 28th of the season, but also the 250th of his career.

*Credit on this music information again goes to my brother, who sent me the press release early in the week - though now there is also a very cool commercial airing on SNY, because tickets went on sale on Saturday - but on Saturday, August 21st, Citi Field will be the site of the movie premiere of "The Last Play At Shea" movie that I wrote about a month or so ago.  It's the documentary that chronicles the histories of Billy Joel, the Mets, and Shea Stadium.  I won't be able to go to that movie premiere, but I will see this movie, and I will own it when it is available.  Best concert I ever saw - relive it here.

*There was an international soccer game at Fenway Park last week, while I was out west, and the Sox were out west.  I only saw pictures, but it looks like fans were really close to the action.  Better than when they bring in the hockey rink, anyway.

*This week's 'Hard Knocks' preview - Nick Mangold tweeted on Thursday:  "Do you think HBO and NFL Films really know what they got themselves into by following us Jets around?"  It's such a good show to begin with - it's going to be downright awesome this year with the Jets.

*Laveranues Coles knows his best bud Chad Pennington is no longer with the Jets, right?

*OK - My latest theory on Darrelle Revis, after the Jets kind of slapped him in the face this week by signing Rex Ryan to a 2-year contract extension.  Maybe they're banking on his ego - there is no way Revis would want to sit out training camp and miss the exposure on HBO this year, would he?  Maybe they're gambling on him showing up because of those ever-present cameras...

*And on the topic of sports reality - When I was in Seattle, for some reason the DVR didn't record 'The Club'.  It didn't record last week's episode either.  And the MLB Network doesn't seem to repeat these episodes too often.  So I ask you - anyone watching it?  Is it worth tracking the shows down to catch up on the show?

*Did you notice that I changed the title of the Sunday Paper? I'm wondering if having a regular title is a better eye-catcher for the Sunday Paper than "Sunday Paper" week after week.  Your feedback would be appreciated.

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