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August 13, 2010 11:15 PM

So Close, Part II


Despite my recent frustrations with the Mets, I attended Friday night's game between the Mets and Phillies.

I sat in the Pepsi Porch, which was awesome - I'll write about that another time - and R. A. Dickey continued his dream season.

For him, it was the performance of his career.

For me, it was the second straight game I attended that was almost a no-hitter.

The difference between this near no-hitter and John Lackey's effort in Seattle is that Lackey went 7-and-two-thirds innings of no-hit ball.  Dickey lost his with one out in the sixth.

Two problems, though:  1) It turned out to be the only hit of the game, and 2) It was a crisp single by the opposing pitcher.

The thought occurred to me during the game that I'd almost rather have the Phillies blow the game open late and see a Mets loss than a one-hitter in which the only hit belonged to Cole Hamels.

As it was, we came dangerously close to seeing a one-hitter in which Dickey got a loss or a no-decision (or a 10-inning effort - Jerry Manuel said, probably only half-jokingly, that he would have let Dickey go to 145 pitches) - because the Mets couldn't push a run across.  Actually, the one run they managed in the fifth inning was taken off the board after a home run review.

It was after that long half-inning that Dickey came out and allowed the hit.  And it was in the bottom half of the sixth that the Mets finally put a run on the board that stuck - after back-to-back doubles by David Wright (number 29 on the year) and Carlos Beltran.

It was a heck of a fun game to watch though - it was over in 2 hours, 10 minutes - and would have been quicker if the umpires hadn't taken about 10 minutes on the aforementioned home run review.

And in the end the one-hitter was a nice distraction from the fact that the Mets hadn't won back-to-back games in a month and a half (Dickey's shutout, coupled with Johan Santana's Thursday, took care of that), and the whole Francisco Rodriguez situation (he is going to be activated on Saturday).

It's just that I would have much rather seen the first no-hitter in franchise history instead of the 35th one-hitter.

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