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August 8, 2010 1:44 PM

St. Louis Rams: 2010 Preview


The St. Louis Rams hit rock bottom in 2009.

Just one win, worst record in the league, bottom of the league in almost every statistic.

But following the season, they took advantage of their much as you can take advantage of such a situation.

And I think there's a pretty promising future in St. Louis following the 2010 season.

The focus for the Rams in 2010 should be 2011.

Because they have a very good chance to be year.

They had a nice draft, with 11 picks overall, none more important to their future than number one overall, Sam Bradford.  He'll be a good pro, provided the Rams don't mistreat him this year.

Bradford shouldn't play right away - but the Rams need to get him on the field at some point, just for the experience.  2011 should not be his first significant playing time.  The Rams allowed 54 sacks last year, so until they sort that out, Bradford should be protected.  It would also help to get a few more threats at the receiver position - or at least let that flesh itself out as well before Bradford gets thrown into the fire. A. J. Feeley was brought in this year to hold down the position.

The other priority for the Rams is to keep Steven Jackson healthy.  2011 won't mean much if Jackson is a shell of his former self because he had another year where he was beat down like last year.  Jackson already is starting to run like he's older than his 27 years.  His window of effectiveness is closing fast, and if they are to be a threat in a year, the Rams need to try to keep Jackson's window open a year or two longer.

The way my picks worked out this year, I have the Rams going 0-16.  I don't think they will - maybe 2-14 or so...they won't be worse than last year.  (They are in a weak division, so they could steal a win against the Seahawks or some such team...but they really drew the short straw with their schedule.  Outside of the division they have to play the likes of New Orleans, San Diego, and Atlanta - those teams will crush them.)

But even if they're the worst team in the NFL - that just gives them the number one pick in the 2011 Draft...and puts them in even better shape for that year.

2010 Prediction:  0-16, 4th place in NFC West

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