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August 8, 2010 12:02 AM

This Week On Hard Knocks...


Sunday Paper (Year 2, Volume XXXII)

As I read the tweets from members of the Jets at training camp this week, it got me thinking about how everything I'm reading about now will appear in video form this coming week on 'Hard Knocks'.

So in order to beat HBO to the punch, here's my prediction for the story arc of the premiere.

(In no way, by the way, am I making fun of 'Hard Knocks' - I'm really, really, really looking forward to it...I'm just hoping I strike gold on one of these predictions.)

Open with 5-minute recap of last year's playoff run and loss to the Colts in the AFC Championship Game.  Fade to black.

First shot - dawn breaking over Jets camp in Cortland, New York.  Dustin Keller (who I'm sure will be featured prominently) comes out of his hyperbaric chamber (yup - he tweeted about it) and says something like, "Time to go to work."

Spend some time with Rex Ryan, he talks, and talks, and talks, and talks some more, about the 2010 season.

Transition from Rex to the locker room by featuring the weight loss contest between Ryan and Damien Woody and Kris Jenkins.  Now go over everyone trying to get to know one another in the locker room.  Braylon Edwards (another potential 'Hard Knocks' star - did I tell you he's grown a massive beard?) tweeted this week that he's lockering next to Mark Brunell.  Edwards said he thought one of the coaches' fathers was asking him a question LOL.  (That's an indirect quote..but he did say LOL.)  That's funny stuff - I bet it appears on the show in some form....along with a montage of age jokes towards Brunell from different people.

Then, things get serious.  "Training camp is more than just fun and's also a business."  That's when someone will talk about the contract situations, and if it's allowed, I'm sure there will be a Darrelle Revis appearance - I'm thinking silhouetted against some bright light, as he works out or does whatever he's doing when he's not in camp.

Back to training camp - football action.  Potential position battles, perhaps a focus on Shonn Greene, who gets the chance to win the starting job after an explosive post-season, and LaDainian Tomlinson, who is settling into a very different role.

Sunset over Cortland.  Dustin Keller steps back into his hyperbaric chamber..."We get to do it all again tomorrow."  Roll credits.

*Do you think the Laveranues Coles signing has anything to do with his having been through the 'Hard Knocks' experience only a year ago with the Cincinnati Bengals?  Just throwing it out there - I doubt it mattered on either end.

*Does it really matter that Rex Ryan keeps talking Super Bowl?  Enough already with the "win one game before you start talking championship" stuff from people who don't like it.  Rex Ryan is exactly right: If you as a team don't believe you can win, why should anyone else?  Enough with the secrecy stuff - you play in the NFL to win the Super Bowl.  There.  Secret's out.  Thanks, Rex Ryan, for breaking down that wall.  I love it.  (Though I will add that writing "Soon to be Champs" on the ESPN bus was unnecessary and slips into the category of obnoxious.)

*Donovan McNabb has to be among the nicest pro athletes, no?  Whenever he faces some form of adversity, he always comes out on top...Including this prank by Chris Cooley.  I mean, that's a situation where punching a little kid wouldn't be uncalled for - it's just reflex...but he handles it smoothly.  I wish nothing but the best for McNabb in Washington.

*So the Mets shook up their roster?  Releasing Alex Cora, demoting Jesus Feliciano, benching Luis Castillo, and recalling Fernando Martinez and Ruben Tejada, who will start regularly at second base.  Shake harder.

*I'm kind of glad Johan Santana didn't throw a no-hitter last night.  (He threw 5-and-two-thirds innings of no-hit ball against the Phillies.)  I'm desperate for the Mets to throw a no-hitter, but not this season.  I want a no-hitter to be part of an exciting season for the Mets - something extra special.  This season...let's just get it overwith.

*A long rain delay on Tom Glavine's big night in Atlanta, when the Braves retired his number 47?  I only wish it had snowed and canceled the event.  Then Glavine might get a tiny idea of how I felt on the last day of the 2007 season.

*Remember, today begins the 32 straight days of NFL previews.  Check back this afternoon for the first.

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