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September 13, 2010 6:53 PM

Jets-Ravens Live Blog


Now I feel like the NFL season is underway.

The talking will surely continue with these Jets...but at least there will be some games mixed in to help back up (or expose as bluster) all that talk.

The Jets and the Ravens kick off a Monday night doubleheader, and kick off what I hope will be a special season for the Jets.

And I'm live blogging the opener.

6:57pm - So the game is delayed a half-hour because of lightning.  Funny that they cleared the stands the night I was there for the Jets-Giants preseason game because of lightning - but that was about 2 hours before gametime rather than at gametime.  Anyway, the delay might allow me to get one of my daughters into bed before kickoff...I was almost going to keep them both up way past bedtime until my wife came home.  Now I only have to ruin one's night.

7:09pm - I'm sure this harassment situation with the female reporter at Jets practice will come up during the game tonight.  I don't have much different to say than what was already said at Deadspin at this link.  I'll add this - instead of reacting to a situation like this, the NFL - actually, all professional sports - should do something proactive involving gender discrimination or harassment.  They address a lot in their rookie orientations and such - this is an area they should do more with.  Let's get some football going already, please...

7:20pm - One daughter down for the night.  One daughter ready to wait for mommy.  I am ready for some footballllll.

7:23pm - Lots of "delay of game penalty" puns with the lightning delay.  I personally would have gone with "Lightning grounds Jets, Ravens".  

7:30pm - Love that fake toss misdirection.  Wish there was an open receiver on the right side.

7:31pm - Not a bad first drive...good decisions.  Tomlinson made a great block on the third down pass dropped by Keller.  GREAT punt too.  I'll take it so far.  Looking forward to seeing the defense.

7:34pm - WOOOO!  That's what we're counting on all year.  Sack, fumble, offense gets the ball inside the 20.  The offense needs to get a touchdown.  And then credit the punt with the touchdown.

7:37pm - For the Jets to be Super Bowl contenders, they need to get touchdowns, not field goals, on that type of field position.  (They got the field goal, it's 3-0 Jets.)  At least they're offense looks a ton better than the Ravens right now.

7:42pm - Let's take a moment to remember that Darrelle Revis often gets called for holding calls. He's physical.

7:44pm - While we have an injury timeout (I hope Kris Jenkins is OK), a reminder to make this live blog interactive - comment here or at the Facebook page.  I can't comment on the site, for some reason I can't figure out, but you can, and I can respond.  We can comment all we want at the Facebook page. (And if you're not a fan yet, become one!)

7:46pm - Wow.  That Jenkins injury looked horrible.  But he walked off - I'm encouraged.  Defense gave up two straight third down conversions.  They look awesome otherwise.

7:50pm - I'm going to disagree with Jaworski and give Kyle Wilson credit on the knockout.  And wow...Jason Taylor shows up with a big stop.  Another 3rd down...

7:52pm - A 3rd down stop!  The defense still looks great though.  Watching the defense is so much fun.  Part of me almost wants them to convert third downs so we get to keep watching the defense.  That was a bad call on the completed catch...but let's see the defense make it moot on this 3rd & 28 anyway.

7:54pm - OK.  Now I'm feeling less confident about keeping the defense on the field.  Timeout Ravens?  I think that would have been a better time for the Jets to take a TO.  I wonder if the Jets should have challenged the out-of-bounds 'catch'.  

7:58pm - I started thinking that about the only way this drive would not end badly was if the Jets could manage a turnover somehow.  Thank goodness for that from McGahee.  Bad calls are evened out.  The Ravens did not deserve points there.  Until Ray Rice had those big gains there, I was going to say the Jets were doing a good job of neutralizing a very good Ravens running game.  Now, after the fumble, I can say they still are.  Let's get a nice long drive out of the offense.

8:02pm - I'll say it right now.  Now that I'm seeing them on the field, in action, in games that count...this team is going to be just fine this year.

8:05pm - I should mention my dad went to the game tonight.  I'm jealous.

8:11pm - So far, defense is awesome.  Special teams is awesome.  Let's get it together offense.

8:22pm - Nick Folk 2-for-2 on the season.  A 6-0 lead is OK...but that big pass play to Keller negated by the Braylon Edwards penalty was huge.  Some huge positives in this game so far...but a couple of terrible penalties - one offensive, one defensive.

8:29pm - This third down defense is driving me nuts.

8:31pm - Another turnover.  Awesome.  Love this defense.  Third down inefficiency forgiven.  But  how was that not a block in the back on the return?  And great sideline tiptoeing by Cromartie.

8:35pm - My wife just came home and said she was upset with me because she had to listen to the game on the radio on her way home...and she couldn't help but root for the Jets.  I was afraid we were going to have a problem this year - but disaster averted.  I love my wife.  That was not a block in the back on the return, incidentally.  Ugh - bad fumble by Shonn Greene.  Reminds me that all last playoffs I feared he was going to fumble whenever he carried the ball.

8:43pm - Stop the presses!  A stop on 3rd and 1!!  (It's because they ran - the Ravens should have thrown it.)

8:44pm - You're kidding me, Braylon Edwards - nice effort on the blocked field goal attempt...but you go in there like that you need to make sure you avoid the kicker.  Two horrible penalties for Edwards.

8:47pm - Kyle Wilson.  Great preseason.  Horrible debut.  If the Ravens end up taking a lead into halftime, I think I'll puke.

8:49pm - Jeez.  The Jets have been awful on third down, but have overcome it.  The penalties have killed them.  The offense is not helping matters.  They had better do better than dominate the second half - because they've dominated this first half and they're losing at halftime.

8:53pm - A little halftime baseball roundup - I would have liked to watch this Yankees-Rays game if the Jets weren't on tonight. Scoreless in the seventh.  Great game.  Too bad.  Oh, hey!  The Mets are on.  Mets-Pirates.  The Mets should give free tickets for anything else in the world to everyone who showed up for this game tonight.  Rockies-Padres is another pretty awesome matchup.  OK.  Back to football.

9:01pm - I bet my dad is loving Green Day.

9:14pm - If Brian Schottenheimer is worth anything, this first drive out of halftime will result in a touchdown.

9:25pm - 8 for 11 on third down, and Kyle Wilson is getting killed.  Yet the score is only 7-6.  The Ravens should be ashamed of themselves.

9:29pm - I'm starting to get really nervous about this game.  The Jets had better do something to change my mindset....or Ray Rice can drop a 3rd down pass.  That helps.

9:33pm - The Jets need to convert this 3rd and 2 and get some points off this drive - just to restore some faith.

9:35pm - THROW THE BALL.  Holy moly, special teams saves the day again.  Let's go defense - set up the offense well.

9:38pm - Yowza.  I'm dying here and it's just game one.  These penalties are a disgrace.  But I'm with the booth here - I'm starting to wonder if the refs are sending the Jets a message - enough already.

9:41pm - Yay!  A 3rd down pass incompletion and no flag!  Time for the offense to go three and out.

9:42pm - Answer me this - how is it the Jets have 110 penalty yards and the Ravens have started at least three after-the-whistle dust-ups but no flags have been thrown?  All told, considering how much the Jets have talked, they've played a clean game...the Ravens have been dirty.  Can we please get a touchdown!?!??  I hate the Ravens.

9:44pm - Wow.  Broken play by Brad Smith is the biggest gain of the night.  By the way, Rays coming to bat in the bottom of the 9th, still scoreless.

9:47pm - Burn the tapes of that third quarter.  The Jets had better not lose this game.  And as grumpy as I am right now, let's not overlook the fact that it's awesome that a Monday night game will end before 11pm.  At least if I'm watching a night Jets loss, I won't be staying up way past my bedtime.  But still, I'd sleep better with a win.

9:50pm - Man oh man.  Game ball to Steve Weatherford.  Unrelated to special teams - remember during the Jets successful run at the end of last season how incredible they were on third down?  Not a good sign that they don't have one tonight...and they haven't been able to stop the Ravens on third down either.

9:53pm - All right.  The defense again sets up good field position for the offense.  I'm not giving up hope yet - but the offense needs to do something.  This game reminds me too much of the loss to Atlanta last year, where the Jets could not get anything going when they had the ball.  This is the kind of loss that kills you when you play on the road in the playoffs (or miss the playoffs) time to show what you're made of.

9:56pm - I hate when it gets to the point where I start thinking, "Maybe if I changed my pants, they'll do better on offense."  I feel like such an idiot.  An unlucky idiot.

9:59pm - That was exactly the right play by Sanchez on the blitz on 3rd and 5.  Cotchery drops it.  Just like that first drive, where Keller dropped a first down pass.  Those drops will kill you, just like the penalties.  Nick Folk another field goal - 3-for-3.  You know you're having a bad game, Mark Sanchez, when Nick Folk is outperforming you.

10:03pm - We're about to have the game clock equal the time of day.  I'm excited. Look for it to happen at 10:04 on your clock!

10:05pm - It's OK, Jets.  Anquan Boldin has just been killing you on third down passes - make sure to leave him wide open.  No worries.

10:07pm - To-Do this week?  Work on 3rd down pass defense.  Check.  Practice throwing the football on offense.  Check.  Discipline regarding penalties.  Check.

10:11pm - LT having a pretty good game.  I wrote it the day he signed - I do not think he is washed up.

10:14pm - Some horrendous drops tonight - Keller one, Cotchery one, Shonn Greene one. Greene and Wilson having terrible games.  Steve Weatherford another great punt, another great piece of coverage from the special teams.  Looks like the defense is going to have to get the ball back and push the Ravens back a bit if the Jets are going to win.

10:16pm - Another great start by Dillon Gee of the Mets tonight.  Six scoreless innings.  The Mets are also scoreless in the ninth.  That was an awesome catch by Todd Heap.  Wow.  I can't believe the Jets are going to lose this game.  I actually had them losing this game in my season picks...but watching the way it unfolded, the Jets should have won.  It's frustrating.

10:23pm - These people in the Buffalo Wild Wings commercials have absolutely no respect for the integrity of the game.

10:25pm - You know what?  If the Jets get the ball back, I like their chances of moving the ball down the field, simply because they'll be throwing pass after pass, allowing Sanchez to get into a rhythm.  I don't know whose idea this game plan was - but it's terrible.  Let Sanchez throw - he's good when he's not restricted.

10:26pm - 84 yards with 1:37 to go...and all they need is a field goal.  Hold everything.

10:30pm - I'm nervous.

10:31pm - Time to take a shot down the field.  3rd and 10, lots of field to go - bomb to Edwards please.

10:32pm - You have to get that first down.  I don't know if you blame Keller or Sanchez on that...but that was brutal.

10:34pm - I can handle a loss to the Ravens, I really can.  (The way the Jets lost, that's another story.  They should have won this game.)  What's going to bother me, though, is all the talking everyone else is going to do about the Jets.  Not like trash-talking talking, but criticizing talking.  Everyone's going to say the Jets couldn't back up their words, blah, blah, blah.  Well, 0-1 does not mean the Super Bowl is out of the picture.  It just means they lost to the Ravens.  The Jets did the majority of their talking about winning a championship, not about winning in Week 1.

They certainly have a lot of work to do to get wins in Week 2 or 3 or order to get to that championship.  And they'd better figure out what they want to do on offense fast - because that was horrible tonight.  Take the reins off, let Sanchez be a quarterback.  He can do that - remember the playoffs?  Whatever he was supposed to be tonight?  That didn't work.

It's not going to get any easier with the Patriots next Sunday.  They can just as easily exploit Kyle Wilson and put up more than 10 points.  And their defense is also capable of attacking the sorry excuse of an offense the Jets put on the field tonight.  Still, what I saw tonight on defense gives me a glimmer of hope that the Jets can beat New England.

And they'd better - because starting 0-1 against a contender is acceptable.  Starting 0-2 against contenders means you're not really a contender.

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