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September 12, 2010 8:12 AM

Trouble In Paradise


Sunday Paper (Year 2, Volume XXXVII)

My wife does not like the Jets.

Or I should say my wife no longer likes the Jets.

Until now, she's always wanted them to win so that I would be happy.

But after I made her watch 'Hard Knocks', and she didn't like what she saw, she no longer has any interest in seeing them win.

And that's going to make for a very difficult NFL season.

Let me start by giving you a little background information.  My wife is a frontrunner.  Not a blatant frontrunner...more of a fair-weather fan, I suppose.  She grew up outside of Boston, so she grew up a Red Sox and Patriots fan.  But dating and marrying me, she always found room in her heart to support the Mets (despite a 1986 heartbreak), and the Jets (the Patriots' division rivals).

As a matter of fact, I almost totally converted her to the Jets when we first started dating, in 2000.  She didn't care much for football, but she cared much for me, so she rooted for the Jets.  Until the Patriots went on their run and won the Super Bowl.  I lost that battle.  The Jets had some successful years, which kind of lured her back, but then New England won twice more.  The past couple of years I got some charity support from her, along the lines of "My team has won enough.  Now I hope you get a turn."

Except I don't think she wants it to happen this year.  Scratch that.  I know she doesn't want it to happen this year.  She watched the first four episodes of 'Hard Knocks' with me.  She didn't like the language.  She didn't like the hazing.  She doesn't like some of the players and the decisions they have made in their lives.  She's a bit sour on Mark Sanchez and his immaturity.  She really hates the Darrelle Revis situation.

I've tried to convince her how the final episode, of course the one she didn't watch, was somewhat redeeming.  Sanchez looked better, the Revis situation was resolved...but she's not buying it.

Looks like I'll be rooting for the Jets by myself this year.  My wife has said her piece on the Jets already.  I told her she's welcome to her opinion, but she had better not say anything bad about them during the season.  And God forbid they struggle - if she says "I told you so", I'll be really angry.

Of course, I'm sure that if they just start winning, we'll have her back in no time.

*I think this past week in baseball was a taste of what we might see in the post-season.  I don't think the playoff spots of the Reds or Rangers are in jeopardy...but they struggled.  It's late in the season, they're playing some pretty important games, and they're not doing so well.  The Braves are probably safe, but they went from first to the wild card because of a tough stretch.  And I think my Giants ("my" based on preseason pick - no bandwagonning here) are making their run at the Padres after their 10-game losing streak.  As much as I'd like to see those underdog types of teams win, I wouldn't bet against the playoff-seasoned teams like Philadelphia, the Yankees, even Tampa Bay come October.

*I've kind of had it with the Rockies and their late-season runs.  Can the Giants just please take control of that division?

*Carlos Beltran, Luis Castillo, and Oliver Perez did not attend a team non-mandatory trip to Walter Reed Medical Center when the Mets were in Washington this week.  While I think it looks bad for those players and by extension makes the Mets look bad, I don't think you can totally fault these guys.  First of all, it was non-mandatory.  If you want everyone to go, make it mandatory.  It probably says something about the character of those who don't go, but that's what happens if it's non-mandatory.  Also, Beltran said he had another charity meeting scheduled.  How far in advance was this planned?  My employer tells me in advance when there's something I need to attend, and I avoid making other commitments.  I think part of this is on the Mets rather than the three players.

*Ironic that Ray Lewis is complaining about the Jets talking by talking up a storm, no?  Plus, his comments about the Jets having no excuses now that Revis is in the fold were unoriginal - Le'Ron McClain had said the same thing less than a week before.

*I had another chance to write an SI Preview for my friend Justin at Sports Crackle Pop! I love reading his - I consider it a fun assignment when I get to step in.

*And one thing I forgot to mention in that recap is that the most amazing thing about the Titans' 99-yard game-winning drive is that there were no penalties...and right after I wrote that article, I watched West Virginia drive 98 yards (with the help of a couple of penalties) to get within two of Marshall, then convert a 2-pointer to tie the game, which they won in overtime.

*And while I'm linking to my favorites - one of my favorite Real Clear blogs (other than mine) is back with the football season.  Check out the GRILL ROOM for excellent NFL coverage.

*I think I'll live-blog the Jets on Monday night.  I'll have too much to say, I might as well say it while the game is happening.

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