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September 21, 2010 8:13 PM

Use Your Head Braylon


Braylon Edwards, I really want to like you.

When you are on your game, you can be a difference-maker, like on Sunday, where you really helped spur the Jets to victory over the Patriots.

And by many accounts, you are a charitable man - both with your time and resources.  The Braylon Edwards Foundation is always holding events to raise money.

It's those examples that make me a little sad and incredulous at what I'm about to write:

You must be an idiot.

A DWI?  Really?  As though that offense wasn't bad enough by itself, the Jets had apparently just introduced a program, free to players, that allows for essentially a luxury designated driver and car.

I find it hard to believe that you can get to this point in life without already knowing this, but I'm going to say it on the off chance that you haven't been told by anyone - Don't drink and drive.  Think before you act - both on and off the football field.

I'd like to think you learned a lesson when Rex Ryan said you earned a game ball following your performance on Sunday but didn't give it to you because you acted like an idiot, costing the team with a taunting penalty (and nearly drawing another when you looked like you were starting to taunt following your 2-point conversion).  But I wouldn't be surprised if you're just going to keep on acting the way you have up until now...because a withheld game ball isn't really all that much of a punishment.

And the 'punishment' for your DWI is to not start Sunday's game against the Dolphins...but you'll still dress.  I suppose there's a chance Rex Ryan won't play you - but that temptation will be there if you're in uniform.  Unless Ryan is going to keep you on the sideline in uniform all game so that you can be right there with the teammates you're letting down, I think this is a big mistake.  You should be deactivated at least a game.

Because maybe you were driving fine, as you told a police officer.  Maybe the arrest stemmed from a tinted window offense rather than the way you were driving...and only circumstance turned it into a DWI.  But the fact remains you were wrong.

Ever heard of Donte Stallworth?  He probably thought he was fine to drive too.  He killed someone.  He ended up suspended from football.

D'Brickashaw Ferguson and Vernon Gholston don't come out of this looking great either - but they weren't the ones behind the wheel.  That's all you...and you should face some kind of consequence.  Just because no one was killed doesn't make it OK.

The taunting penalty on Sunday was bad enough.  But the worst thing that happens there is a fifteen yard penalty on the ensuing kickoff.

A DWI?  That kind of stupidity can cost a life.

Get your act together.

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