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September 16, 2010 9:40 PM

Who's Talking Now?


Following the Jets' disappointing season-opening loss on Monday night, there's been a lot of talking, as you might expect.

(And a lot of silence by me - I suppose you can interpret that as anger and frustration, but keep in mind I'm trying to get in the flow of the new school year...OK.  It was out of anger.)

The Jets are taking their slice of humble pie - their talking has been apologetic and toned-down.

Many others are opening their mouths - here's a roundup of some of the voices that have made themselves heard this week 

*Brian Schottenheimer is the most notable speaker, in my opinion - I really wanted to hear what he had to say for himself, because I thought the Jets offensive game plan was horrible.  Schottenheimer, in his Thursday press conference (thanks to Rich Cimini's ESPN New York page for a lot of this information), said Monday night "probably wasn't my most aggressive game", and he "had a hard time getting into a rhythm, I really did."  Fair enough.  But it can't ever happen again.

*Joe Namath says the Jets were distracted by 'Hard Knocks'.  I put very little stock in anything Joe Namath says these days.  Apparently, Mark Sanchez is more mature than he appeared to be on 'Hard Knocks', because he spoke very well about Namath's comments, approaching them in a very diplomatic way.

*Sanchez also predicted a "breakout game" for the offense on Sunday against the Patriots.  Boy, I really want to believe that.  It would certainly be a pleasant surprise.  "We'll get a win in our new stadium and get things rolling again," said Sanchez.  Oops.  Did I say the Jets were eating humble pie?

*Darrelle Revis, who called Randy Moss a 'slouch' after their first matchup a year ago, traded words with the Patriots' wide receiver earlier in the week.  I remind everyone right now that even though the Jets kept Moss quiet last year, Wes Welker killed them.  Let's not lose sight of that.  Kind of like Anquan Boldin killed the Jets Monday night?  Remember, teams have more than one receiver.

*Tom Brady ("I hate the Jets" less than a month ago) went with the 'respect' approach in his comments to the media this week.  He will not be a source of any more bulletin board material.

*Terrell Owens will be - the Jets face him Thanksgiving, but Owens apparently had some things to say on Versus about Mark Sanchez's talent.  He said he was disappointed in Sanchez.

*Finally, this is something that isn't relevant to the Ravens or the Patriots games (or anyone the Jets face this year) but doesn't sit well with me.  Apparently, Pete Carroll shares a birthday with Dan Marino.  Carroll tweeted this week on their birthday, "Happy birthday, Dan Marino!  You still owe me one!"  I have no idea if Pete Carroll lent Marino a dollar one time, and Marino still owes him one or not, or if he has another favor to repay.  But my guess is that this refers to Marino catching Carroll and the Jets sleeping on the fake spike play.  It was more than 15 years ago, but that still doesn't sit well with me.  And I don't appreciate Carroll making light of that moment.  

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