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October 3, 2010 6:40 PM

And That About Sums It Up


There were times, not too long ago, that the final day of the Mets' season, with a simultaneous Jets' regular season matchup, would have merited a live blog.

As a matter of fact, one of those live blogs was Jets versus Bills.

This year's version did not meet the live blog requirements - though there was plenty to follow as far as baseball playoff chases, you know as well as I do that none of that involved the Mets.

The last day of the Mets' season and the fourth game of the Jets' season did, though, serve a purpose, if not one for live-blogging:

It was perfectly indicative of the teams' respective 2010 seasons.

For the Jets, the 38-14 win over the Buffalo Bills was filled with thoughts of 'How good can they be?'

Those thoughts started not five minutes into the game, when LaDainian Tomlinson dove into the end zone (en route to 133 yards on the ground and two touchdowns) to give the Jets a 7-0 lead.  You started thinking, this could be a whooping...until Nick Folk missed a gimme field goal and the old Jets fan deep down inside kept nagging, "This is what they do.  Especially against Buffalo.  That field goal will cost them...."

But it didn't.  On a lesser scale, the Jets continued to overcome adversity (in this case the Folk miss) and still destroyed Buffalo - leading 17-7 at the half, they went on to outscore Buffalo 21-0 in the third quarter to win the game going away.

Mark Sanchez - 14-of-24 for 161 yards - looks like a different quarterback than the one in the preseason.  He looks like the exact same quarterback that took over the team and led them to the AFC Championship Game a year ago.  It's amazing.  He doesn't even look like the young dope who appeared on 'Hard Knocks' - in every interview with Sanchez before, during, and after Jets games this year, Sanchez makes himself look like a seasoned veteran.  What a turnaround.

Sanchez threw for two more touchdowns in this game, and has yet to turn the ball over this year, as was hammered home often late in the game on the television broadcast.  That's exactly what you want out of him....actually, it's better than you could have expected.  Throw in the fact that the elements were less than ideal in Buffalo, a factor which has bothered Sanchez in the past, and it makes you feel really good about this year.

Supposedly the Jets will be getting Calvin Pace and Darrelle Revis back from injury in time for next week's Monday night matchup with Minnesota.

Sunday for the Jets was all about the promise that lays ahead in this 2010 season.

The Mets, meanwhile, extended the agony of their 2010 season 14 innings against the even-lowlier Washington Nationals.

And in the top of that 14th inning, who else but Oliver Perez was called on to pitch.  After a strikeout he hit a batter, then walked two to load the bases.

And what other way would the 2010 Mets end their season than by Oliver Perez walking in the winning run, then leaving the mound to a chorus of boos while another pitcher cleaned up his mess.

I don't know that there's a more fitting way to end the Omar Minaya/Jerry Manuel era at Citi Field.

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