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October 31, 2010 7:37 AM

Trick Or Treat


Sunday Paper (Year 2, Volume XLIV)

The Mets named their new general manager on Friday, choosing Sandy Alderson to replace Omar Minaya.

They said the deciding factor between Alderson and Josh Byrnes, the other finalist, was Alderson's 22 years of experience more than Byrnes.

I try not to get too worked up about these decisions, because I have no say in the matter.

I just hope Alderson's work inspires more confidence than my initial reaction upon his hiring:

"My mom's name is Sandy."

I'll be honest.  As I hinted last week, I'm not tremendously inspired by Alderson.  Here's part of the reason why, in Alderson's words:  

"Did I ever think I would be back in this situation?  Well, you never know.  Over the last year, just as an example, I've been working in Santo Domingo two or three weeks a month.  I've been teaching at Berkeley.  I've been living in San Diego.  I've been here [in New York].  I have a curiosity, number one, and probably the lack of a [life] plan, number two.  But what I really enjoy about baseball - when you boil it all down - the fun part of the game is the game itself.  And this was an opportunity to go back to that."

Sound like a guy who really likes baseball?  Yes.  Lives and breathes it?  Maybe.  Wants nothing more than to be the general manager of the New York Mets?  Um, not really.

If you ask me, these days you need the guy who has 22 years less experience - the guy who will put his all into the job because it's all he's ever wanted to do, it's what he's grown up thinking about. I bet Josh Byrnes has a comparable plan to Alderson when it comes to leading the Mets...and I bet he has a more appropriate life plan, which would have been to be the general manager of the Mets and nothing else.

But the Mets have made their decision.  And until I have been given reason to feel otherwise, I will support Sandy Alderson.  He's our man.

(I can't rightly publish this blog without throwing in this plug:  Sandy, hire Gary Carter to manage the Mets.  I hear you're not too keen on Wally Backman - fine.  That's OK.  But all Gary Carter has done as a minor league manager is win.  Hire him.  The fans would love it.  He would succeed.  Do it.  Please.)

I will not hold it against Alderson that he called the Mets the A's in the opening minutes of his remarks at Friday's press conference.  I won't hold it against him that I'm not sure the Wilpons made the right choice.  As long as he turns the Mets into winners.

Because that's what it all comes down to.

Even my mom knows that.

*I can't find the full Alderson presser online anywhere - I'm sure I will eventually.  But the twitter world is all...a-twitter, I suppose....about Alderson.  Lots of Mets fans are excited, and I think a big part of that has to do with what Alderson said during his press conference Friday.  (I was at school...had no shot of seeing it live.)  Good for those fans for being excited.  Nothing wrong with that.  But I think the Mets and the Wilpons' decision-making have earned my skepticism at this point.  I'll wait for the results to prove to me that Alderson was the right choice.

*I'm on a 6-for-7 streak with the Jets being on local television in Massachusetts.  Today's game is the 1 o'clock part of the FOX doubleheader, with the Patriots-Vikings game following at 4pm.  Funny thing is (well, not really funny) I knew on Thursday I'd have the Jets on TV here.  Cablevision customers in New York didn't know until Saturday night whether or not they'd be able to watch the Jets on FOX.

*It's been a long time since I was so neutral on a World Series matchup.  Obviously I wanted the matchup that I picked in March (and a new matchup!), and I guess I'm rooting for the Giants because I picked them to win, but if the Rangers win I would be just as happy for them.  With the recent spate of Yankees, Red Sox, Phillies, and Cardinals involvement in the World Series, I've had a horse to root against in the race.  Not this year.

*I know I said it when they first announced it, but here it is again: When people complained about the lateness of World Series games, I'm not sure they were concerned about the Saturday night games.  I'd be OK with 8pm starts on the Saturday World Series game - it's the weeknight 8pm starts that I can't handle.

*Last-minute sports-related Halloween costumes:
-Get out some shoe polish and color your cheeks and chin for a Brian Wilson look.
-You can wear a football uniform and attach another helmet to your helmet and go as a helmet-to-helmet hit.
-How about a Brett Favre jersey and a cell phone?

*Have I mentioned that I love the Texas Rangers' "deer" signal, after they steal a base or other hustle play?  That's such a great little piece of team chemistry.  Wish the Mets had something like that.

*Speaking of things I love - the new Golden State Warriors uniform.  (Truth be told, they could have been wearing these for years, what with my lack of following of the NBA in recent years.  But these look new.)  I guess there's something about the San Francisco look that I love - remember when I loved the All Star logos from the MLB All Star Game in San Francisco a few years back?  This logo reminds me of that logo.  Nice look.

*Check twitter all day - @200miles_citi - for updates during the Jets-Packers.

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