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November 14, 2010 6:15 PM

A Win Is A Win...I Guess


I don't even know where to start with this one.

I do know that an hour or so after the game has ended, my hands have stopped shaking long enough for me to start writing about it.

Ugly wins count the same as pretty ones, they say.

I don't even know if they've ever been this ugly, though.

Here are a bunch of thoughts that are in my mind after the Jets' overtime win over the Cleveland Browns.

*The first-half Jets didn't deserve to win this game.  (13 points allowed, 0 punts)

*The second-half Jets deserved to win this game.  (Only the late game-tying touchdown on defense, and the fact that they controlled the clock as much as they did and had just three second-half points is ridiculous.)

*The overtime Jets didn't deserve to win this game.

*Excellent performances in the game that you're not going to hear enough about, though, because of Santonio Holmes' game-winning touchdown and Mark Sanchez's stellar performance, belongs to Jim Leonhard for his punt return that set up the game-winner, and Jerricho Cotchery.  I was quick to jump on Cotchery for his poor performance against Green Bay two weeks ago, but he's back in good graces after this one.  His catch in overtime was outstanding even before it was revealed that he hurt himself before he dove to make the catch.  

*I have zero confidence, once again, in Nick Folk. He turned me around for a little while, but all that goodwill was blown on Sunday.  Did you see him coming off the field after the field goal he missed in overtime?  He looked like he was going to cry.  I don't care how well he has played to this point...he looks like his confidence in Nick Folk is shattered more than my confidence in Nick Folk.  I don't know that the Jets can trust him.  I also don't know if there are better options out there.

*Seems like the Jets could have broken off one of those big plays before there were just 20 seconds left in the overtime period.  Questionable play-calling all game long - both on offense and defense.  Part of the reason why the Jets were lucky to win.

*Chansi Stuckey's fumble in overtime is Exhibit A when it comes to how the Jets were lucky to win - the Browns were marching straight to a win before that ball came out.

*On a note not totally related to the Jets, I'm super-bummed about Chad Pennington not lasting three plays before he was injured again.  I think it may be time for our boy to hang them up.

*Twitter has changed the way I watch Jets games at home.  I enjoy venting in immediate fashion as the game action unfolds.  But I also enjoy seeing what other Jets fans are saying and knowing I'm not suffering alone.  Get in on the action @200miles_citi

*And if you did follow me this afternoon, you'll know I was less than pleased with Jim Nantz's performance.  He was brutal.  He called Nick Folk "Faulk" twice in a row on the overtime field goal Folk missed.  He also overreacted to the Browns kicking the punt that pinned the Jets at the 9-yard line in OT.  And he missed the point of the players' reactions following Chansi Stuckey's fumble.  Boy did he call a bad game.  All that was just in the overtime.  He was bad throughout the game.

*The Jets had a chance to quiet their critics this week with a convincing win over the Browns.  Now they're 7-2 and still atop the AFC East, but everyone will still point to the fact that they struggled with the Lions and Browns - even the Broncos - three teams at the bottom of the NFL standings.  And I'll acknowledge this - any of the teams left on the Jets' schedule - except the Bills - would beat the Jets if they come out and play like they have the past few weeks.  That includes the Patriots and Dolphins in the division, the Texans, Bengals, Steelers, and Bears outside of the division.  The Jets need to play a little better before they get to those games or it's going to be a disappointing end to the season.

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