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November 10, 2010 7:28 PM

Always Number One To Me


I hate the Miami Dolphins.

And to take that a step deeper, there may be no position I hate more in sports than quarterback of the Miami Dolphins.  (I just made this up now...I haven't given it a lot of thought, but I'd give the statement better than 80% accuracy.  I should probably blog about this sometime.)

It's all because of Dan Marino, of course.

But the Dolphins made a decision today that will get me to root for them for as long as it doesn't affect the Jets.

And I'll be rooting for them, strangely enough, because of their quarterback.

Welcome back, Chad Pennington.

I absolutely love Chad Pennington.  He is just a total class act. I don't think there's anyone in sports I would rather see succeed than him.

And there's the crux of the situation - for him to succeed, the Jets would have to fail.  This all worked out very well two years ago when the Jets of Brett Favre tanked and the Dolphins of Chad Pennington took the AFC East title.  Then, the Jets turned me off - I had no problem watching Pennington win at the Meadowlands at the Jets' expense.  Times have changed.

I will root for Pennington now only as long as he doesn't mess up what the Jets have going.

Because how can you not root for Chad Pennington?

He's a hard worker - a lesser man would have retired two shoulder surgeries ago.  He's a good guy - even though the Jets gave up on him, he didn't dump on the team and its fans - he was graceful and appreciative.  And he's a winner - I know he doesn't have a Super Bowl title to his name, but he has won more than he's lost in his career, with some pretty big wins on his resume as well.

Let me be the first to point out (I haven't seen it yet, so I'm going to call this fact exclusive...until someone else runs with it) that Pennington makes his season debut in the same game as his former Marshall teammate Randy Moss debuts with his third team in three months - the Dolphins are playing Moss' Tennessee Titans.

Pennington and Moss are still relatively close - and two more polar personalities I don't think you could have.  People like Pennington.  Moss alienates everyone.  All the more reason to root for the Dolphins on Sunday.

Me, a Jets fan who hates the Dolphins, rooting for the Dolphins over the Titans, who used to be one of my secondary teams when I was growing up as the Houston Oilers.

That's how much I love Chad Pennington.

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