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November 21, 2010 4:57 PM

Conflicting Feelings


Maybe it won't catch up to the Jets.

They can't keep flirting with disaster like this.

A third straight clutch win and they're 8-2!

Good teams would have beaten the Jets three straight weeks.

This is just such exciting football!

I know deep down that someone is going to beat the Jets - badly - if they keep playing like this.

The Jets have looked so good in their final possessions the last few games!

The Jets have been sloppy.  The fact that the game has come down to their final possession the past few weeks is inexcusable.

Mark Sanchez is taking his place among the better quarterbacks in the league.  His escapability is insane - he has been amazing scrambling away from the pass rush these past couple of games.  And when he throws downfield to Braylon Edwards, like he did on the second-to-last play of the game, that play almost never fails.

I admit that Sanchez looks great scrambling - but that's a byproduct of the fact that he is constantly under duress.  The offensive line has offered no pass protection the past few weeks.  If Sanchez keeps taking a beating like he has against Cleveland and Houston, he won't be taking that place among the better quarterbacks in the league for long - he'll be on the sidelines injured.  Even those long pass plays - they only work when Sanchez has time to set himself.  And he has not had very much time in the pocket recently.  When he gets rushed, that bomb down the field fails.

The fact that the Jets defense stacked up Houston and forced that field goal with a minute left instead of allowing the Texans to score following the Mark Sanchez interception (hard to pin that INT on Sanchez, by the way, since he was hit after the pocket collapsed again) shows what they're made of.  At that point they could have felt defeated and given up, but they dug in and helped set up the comeback.

The Jets won that game in spite of - not because of - their defense.  20 points allowed in the fourth quarter?  Blowing a 16-point lead?  Missed tackles all over the field?  Wide open receivers not once - not twice - but often in the second half?  That did not look like a team that stresses defense and considers itself among the best in the league.  That looked bad.  Credit the offense for this win - not that the offensive game plan should win any awards this week either.

You can't help but start believing the Jets are going to keep this up right through the Super Bowl.  Bad teams blow leads like that and lose.  (See the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday.)  Good teams might blow the occasional lead like that and come back the next week and exact revenge.  Great teams respond with less than a minute left and drive 72 yards for the go-ahead touchdown.  Guess the Jets are a great team.

The Jets nearly lost three straight weeks to the Lions, Browns, and Texans.  Combined record - 9-21.  Just wait until they play the likes of the Patriots and Steelers, who both may have 9 wins themselves when the Jets face them.  The Jets had better figure out how to put together a complete game by then or else they may not have a chance on their final drive.

The Jets are 8-2.  I can't wait to be at the New Meadowlands Stadium Thursday night to watch them get another 'W' against the Bengals.

The Jets are 8-2.  I hope they can keep this up Thursday night against the Bengals.

Go Jets.

Go Jets.

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