200 Miles From the Citi

November 9, 2010 10:52 PM

In The Crosshairs


The Jets are marked men.

Everyone - even the media - seems to have their sights set on them.

It doesn't really come as a surprise, since the Jets - led by their head coach - did more than their share of talking heading into the season.

But it became clear right away the Jets had made their share of enemies - in the season's opening week, when the Ravens beat the Jets, people were quick to point out that for all their talking the Jets were 0-1.

New York responded with five straight wins.

The cycle began to repeat itself following the Jets' bye week, when they lost to the Packers in a less-than-inspired effort.

You would have thought the loss - which did drop the Jets out of first place - had dropped them to 2-5 instead of 5-2.

Sports Illustrated came out with their midseason picks that same week.  They had the Jets advancing to the Super Bowl, but as a wild card - finishing behind the New England Patriots.

And I think that's my biggest issue with all of this.  While the Jets are criticized for their ugly games (let's put the two losses and the win against Denver in this category...maybe the Detroit game, too), the Patriots have been lauded for theirs.  

All New England has done this season is win ugly - and it finally caught up to them in Cleveland against a team they should have had no business losing to.  And the Patriots' other loss?  Oh yeah...rather convincingly to the Jets - who they have to play one more time.

I am aware that it's a bit dicey that even though the Jets are 2-1 in their last three games (Denver, Green Bay, Detroit), the team has not looked all that convincing in any of the games.

But I also remember what happened when last year's team hit its stride - it rolled to within a game of the Super Bowl.

This year's team is better.  And they have yet to hit their stride.

Love them or hate member or NFL team...when this team does hit their stride, they'd better get their due.

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