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November 16, 2010 10:29 PM

Reed Between The Lines


I'm not exactly saying the Jets should immediately sign Jeff Reed.

But I am aware that the Steelers cut the kicker on Tuesday.

And even though he has not had a great season, I'm sure there are plenty of folks within the Jets organization and fan base who are also aware that Jeff Reed is available.

Nick Folk, take notice.

It's not like at this point Jeff Reed is a huge improvement over Nick Folk.  In fact, Folk is having the better season:

Reed - 15/22, 0-4 on 40-49-yard attempts
Folk - 18-24, 2-4 on 40-49 yard attempts (though more erratic from all distances)

But it's about more than just this season.  Kickers are hard to come by in the NFL.  That's why on Sunday, when I was so upset about Folk's miscues and I questioned his future with the Jets, my first reaction was, who else is out there?

The Steelers were obviously going through the same questioning, and they picked up Shaun Suisham.  Not exactly Adam Vinatieri in his prime there.

Well, now Jeff Reed is available.  And you can't overlook the fact that he is a Super Bowl winner.  You can't overlook the fact that he spent his career kicking at Heinz Field - a notoriously bad field for kickers.  You also can't overlook his character - he's had a few run-ins with the law...but the Jets have overlooked those aspects of other current players, so he'd fit right in in that respect.

I doubt Jeff Reed is kicking for the Jets this Sunday.  I doubt that he's kicking for anyone this soon. (And truth be told I have no idea how salary works into all this, and what kind of a cap hit releasing a kicker like Nick Folk would be for a team like the Jets.)

But I bet there are plenty of teams whose kicking jobs are suddenly being scrutinized just a little more closely now that Reed is availble.

And I wouldn't be shocked if the Jets are one of them.

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