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November 7, 2010 6:34 AM

Still Not Worth The Price Of Admission


Sunday Paper (Year 2, Volume XLV)

The Mets announced this week that ticket prices at Citi Field in 2011 will be down an average of 14% from the 2010 season.

More than half the ballpark is seeing price decreases...though there are some areas where the price will go up.

It's good business by the Mets, I suppose, but two factors are still at play here:

1)  Ticket prices are still pretty friggin' expensive, and

2)  I'm not spending a dime on this team until they show some improvement on the field.

And I don't think I'm alone.

From what I can gather from a small sample size of Mets fans on twitter, there's a similar sentiment that it doesn't matter how much tickets are...the performance on the field is the factor that dictates ticket sales.

And I'm glad the Mets are reacting to what was embarrassing attendance at points last year - even when the Mets were playing well early in the year.

As for my little Mets boycott, the timing is probably slightly off.  There's a change in management and the leadership on the field will be different in 2011.

But it's the players on the field that have to clean up their act.  The influx of young talent has been fun to watch, but for every positive there have been negatives.  The scandals surrounding Johan Santana and Francisco Rodriguez are enough to make me not want to spend the money on the MLB Extra Innings package or on tickets to Citi Field next season.

And I love Citi Field.  And, perhaps not so obviously lately, I still love the Mets.  I'm not really looking forward to doing this.  But it's a principle I feel I need to stand up for.

The last time I went to Citi Field was fantastic.  Maybe you remember - it was R.A. Dickey's one-hitter.  Front row of the Pepsi Porch with some good company...and a great baseball game.  But, to be completely honest, the cost of that night out was out of this world.  I'm not ashamed to admit for me at this stage of my life, a baseball game is an extravagance.  There are plenty of ways I can spend a few hundred bucks without the usual frustrations that accompany attending a professional sporting event.  They're not all near no-hitters over rivals.

I'll get more into what exactly my boycott entails when the calendar turns to 2011.  I will still closely follow the team, but suffice it to say right now that anything regarding the Mets that would involve me spending money won't be happening.  That will range from MLB Extra Innings (hello, MLB Network in 2011) to attendance at Citi Field.

I'm not saying that I won't ever again spend the type of money I talked about above on the luxury of attending a Mets game.  But I am saying that I want the Mets to be worth the price and worth the time.

*I never really got too down on the Jets' loss to the Packers last week.  Sure, the offense was ugly, but the Packers played really well.  The game reminded me a lot of Week 1's loss to the Ravens - instead of opening the season, it was coming off the bye.  After the Jets lost to the Ravens they ran off five straight wins.  I'll lose faith when they come out playing like that twice in a row.  I don't expect trouble with Detroit today.  My big worry would be how the Jets would play in the playoffs if they're good enough to earn a first-round bye.

*This week is the beginning of a stretch where I'll have to go out to watch the Jets.  Today I'm trying the same place I went to during the Patriots' bye week, when the Jets were on a Monday night.  I'm expecting a completely different atmosphere with the Jets and Patriots both on at 1pm.  Just hoping Jets-Lions gets a somewhat prominent TV...I'm not expecting to be able to hear the announcers from the game at all, I just want to see the game.

*How's this for a stat?  Heard it on NPR's "Only A Game" last week, from guest Tim Kurkjian - The Giants in Games 1 and 2 of this World Series were the first National League team ever to score 9 or more runs in consecutive World Series games.  Is that hard to believe or what?

*Enjoyed knowing this week I'm not the only one on the "Gary Carter for Mets Manager" bandwagon.

*2 NFC South matchups today (remember what I told you about NFC South road matchups?) - Bucs at Falcons, Saints at Panthers.  I bet Saints win, but maybe don't cover the 7.5 I have them giving.  My lock of the week though?  The Buccaneers getting 8-and-a-half in Atlanta, who can't put anybody away anyway, let alone an NFC South road opponent.

*This Charlie Samuels story is a whole lot of bad news for the Mets.  The more information - and the more quickly it comes out - the better for the Mets.  Lots of secrecy and speculation leads people to jump to conclusions which could be worse than reality...but there's always the chance right now that the reality could be really bad.

*Did you see Sports Illustrated this week?  (Don't forget about Justin's weekly reviews at Sports Crackle Pop!) The mid-season Super Bowl pick is the Packers over the Jets 14-9.  Based on last week's matchup, that Super Bowl would be a snoozer.

*I'm working on my social networking.  If you're a twitter follower, make sure you also like the site on Facebook!  And if you're on Facebook, make sure you follow the site on twitter @200miles_citi.  If the opportunity presents itself this afternoon, I'll be tweeting my thoughts during the game.

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