200 Miles From the Citi

November 2, 2010 10:58 PM

What A Day


Let's all just take a minute and reflect.

A World Series championship.

A future Hall of Fame football player unceremoniously released.

The Mets GM adds another GM to the front office.

The past 24 hours have been head-spinningly eventful.

The Giants' World Series win was extra-exciting for me because of my pre-season pick.  I've never nailed a World Series winner, let alone a World Series matchup, so watching that happen was fun.  The fact that Matt Cain was dominant in the post-season was icing on the cake, bringing back some legitimacy to my preseason pick of him as the Cy Young Award winner.

But the surreal feeling surrounding my Giants pick-come-true was dwarfed by the news that Randy Moss was released by the Vikings.  Good for the Vikings for standing up to Moss's bratty behavior, but what a weird story.  The team just traded for Moss.  Now he's going to be picked up by some other team and could really make a difference in an NFL where no team has proven itself to be much better than anyone else...including the Jets.  It has to be an unprecedented situation.  Just strange.

And then there are the Mets.  After building up a ton of goodwill with the hiring of Sandy Alderson (lots of excitement in the world of Mets fans...though I'm tempering my enthusiasm), the Mets named J.P. Ricciardi Special Assistant to the General Manager.  That's a lot of baseball brainpower in the Mets front office - quite a shift from the previous regime.  The Giants may be getting all the attention for what they've done on the field..but right now the Mets are winning the off-the-field headlines.  (Which means nothing, I know...but I'm just trying to throw the Mets a bone.)

And all of this serves as evidence that though baseball season ended when Brian Wilson struck out Nelson Cruz to win the Giants their World Series, there's plenty more to keep an eye on in these coming months and weeks...and the Mets and Jets figure to be as involved as anyone.

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