200 Miles From the Citi

December 9, 2010 10:43 PM

Moving On


I think Rex Ryan, again, made the right motivational move earlier this week.

(Not to be confused with the bad football moves he made on the Jets' first drive Monday night.)

He buried a game ball from the New England game to illustrate the fact that the Jets are ready to move on and leave the game behind them.  (Though some of the quotes from the Jets players made it sound like Ryan had reinvented the wheel rather than come up with a good motivational ploy.)

Me?  I guess I'm ready to move on - but not before I sat myself down on the couch for a little psychoanalysis.

Jets losses really bother me.  I've gotten better in recent years, but even when the Jets were bad, a bad Jets loss could ruin my entire week following the game.  And as good as I've been recently, Monday's loss hurt for a while.

So I asked a few of my closest friends - why do I allow myself to get so worked up over the Jets?  Sometimes I get more aggravated than I suspect the players do.  My thought is that it's not so much the loss that kills me, but the amount of buildup I allow myself to buy into, which makes the disappointing crash all the more disappointing.

But you've heard it from me - here's what the boys have to say:

Justin from Sports Crackle Pop!

You are suffering from a phenomenon so eloquently summed up by Neil Young.  Only love can break your heart.  You, unlike most jaded fans of moribund franchises, truly believe that this year is the year.  History should warn you not to believe in the Jets, but every year you go ahead and do it again.  It's the charming naiveté that makes you John.  Unfortunately, it makes you feel losses harder than most.  It also makes you susceptible to Ponzi schemers. So, be careful on both fronts.

In making me feel better, I'm not sure Justin realized he brought the Mets' Madoff misfortunes to mind - a slight setback.  Now Kevin, aka the Southern Bureau of the site:

I blame it on the Mets.  The Mets gave you no hope this year (you picked them to finish last, I believe) [I did], so you had to focus your excitement elsewhere.  Instead of being distracted by the Mets for the summer - you had all summer to think about the Jets, read about the Jets, buy into the Jets hype - reliving that lead vs the Colts in the AFC Championship that got away.  You've been building up to this season - Monday night, really - for almost an entire year with nothing else to bother you.  Even our trip to Citi Field - you and your dad were talking anxiously about the Jets games you were going to.  The Mets stink - the Jets gave you hope.  After Monday night - you have no hope anymore.  I'd be depressed too.

That was a little too honest. But pretty spot-on.  Dave in Brighton had no words...instead, he chose to illustrate my plight with the help of the immortal Charles Schulz:

I'm over Monday night.  I'm ready for the Jets to bounce back on Sunday.  Lucy's got the ball and I'm lining up the kick.

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