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December 20, 2010 9:30 PM

Playoff Drama


Division rivals with everything on the line?

The scorned player looking for revenge against his former team?

Or do you prefer the student taking on the mentor?

With two games left in the regular season, I've let my mind wander ahead to the playoffs - and even though only three playoff spots are locked up, I'm thinking about some of the juicy possibilities in January.

I guess the first thing that got me thinking about this is the possibility that - if the playoffs started today - the Jets would play the Chiefs in Kansas City.  That would pit them against Thomas Jones, who the Jets chose not to re-sign, instead going with Shonn Greene and signing LaDainian Tomlinson.

But wait - there's more:

*What if the Eagles end up taking on the Falcons in the playoffs?  If it happened, it would probably be in Atlanta, which would mean a post-season matchup between Michael Vick and his former team in the city where much of the fan base probably hasn't forgiven him for his past. (Vick beat the Falcons earlier this season in Philadelphia.)

*Further down the road, if the Chiefs continued on in the playoffs, there's a chance Matt Cassel could face the man he used to play understudy to - Tom Brady.  In addition to Cassel vs. Brady in a Chiefs-Patriots possible matchup, there are about a hundred former Bill Belichick-affiliated coaches on the Chiefs' staff.

*Any division which would send a wild card to the playoffs would also be setting up a potentially explosive divisional matchup in the post-season:  Giants-Eagles, Ravens-Steelers, Saints-Falcons would all be great games...Bears-Packers is no less intense a rivalry....just maybe a less interesting game.

*And then of course there's Jets-Patriots.  Call me crazy, but I kind of hope the Jets get another crack at New England...I wouldn't be shocked if the Jets themselves, after beating Pittsburgh, are ready for another such meeting.  45-3 won't happen again...I guarantee that.

A possible divisional playoff game as early as the divisional round for the Jets - it's all very exciting.

Of course, before I get too excited about anything playoff-related...the Jets need to get into the playoffs first.  And they can do that with a win on Sunday.

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