200 Miles From the Citi

December 6, 2010 11:42 PM

What An Embarrassment


I don't know why I'm so disappointed.

We all saw something like this coming.

The warning signs were all over the place.

The narrowest of wins over the likes of Detroit and Cleveland and Houston...we said the Jets had better get their act together before they played a good team.

I hid behind the defense that the Jets would approach a game against a division rival better than those other teams.

I was very wrong.

There was nothing about Monday night's game that was redeeming.

The defense was awful.  The offense was awful.  The coaching was awful.  The special teams was awful.  The effort was less than the effort the Patriots brought.  The Jets looked scared.  None of that should happen in such a big game.

But here's the thing.  When the Patriots scored to make it 38-3, and then again to make it 45-3, my thought was, "Good."  Because 31-3 wasn't embarrassing enough for the Jets.

Being taken to the limit by the Lions, Browns, and Texans before winning wasn't enough to embarrass the Jets.  31-3 would not have been enough.

45-3 might work.

45-3 might get them to realize they have some problems they need to fix - problems which only became more pronounced with the injuries the team suffered on Monday night and in practice the past week.

As huge as Monday night was, the season is not over.  There's no reason the Jets can't still finish with a better record than New England (though unlikely, I know).  The Jets are still among the top teams in the NFL at 9-3.

Heading into Monday night, the Jets' preparedness and ability to beat a good team were in question.

Coming out of Monday night's game the question is: Will an absolute embarrassment on national television kill their season or will they respond with fire?

Games against Miami, Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Buffalo - none of which will be easy - will provide the answer.

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