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January 2, 2011 8:01 PM

On To The Playoffs


There's a bittersweet feeling to this Jets post-season.

From the very beginning of the season - heck, from the pre-season - I've felt that it was Super Bowl or bust for this team.

With the labor situation looming, with the team of volatile personalities assembled - from the head coach on down - it seemed like if the Jets didn't win the Super Bowl this year, it might be a while.

And it's exciting that the playoffs are finally upon us....but there's an accompanying sense of dread.

Now, due to the meaningless aspect of Sunday's game, I didn't watch any of the Jets' 38-7 blowout win over the Bills.  But according to my dad and some Jets fans on twitter, it may not have been such a meaningless game - it might have given the Jets a healthy dose of confidence heading into the playoffs.

Even though it was mostly backups, it seemed to get people re-energized, players included.

And that's important, because there's still that element of bittersweet that I mentioned earlier.  Yes, the Jets are in the playoffs in this 'Super Bowl or Bust' season, but it certainly wasn't the path we thought they would take.  They were far from the dominant team I thought - and they thought - they would be.

And to think the Jets go 11-5 for just the fourth time in their history and it's only good enough to get them the sixth seed in the AFC...imagine if the Jets had gone 12-4 and only gotten a wild card - it's almost as bad. 

But it's not all bad.  The Jets showed last year that if any team is capable of making a run to the Super Bowl with three straight road games, it's them.  And all I'm hearing about is how hot the Steelers have been and how good they look - but they're the same team the Jets just beat a couple of weeks ago.  And a win next weekend puts the Jets back in New England to play the Patriots - I like their chances fired up after the 45-3 beatdown.

But first, it's Indianapolis.  I like the idea that there could be a 'redemption path' taking shape for the Jets here - at Indy, at New England, at Pittsburgh/Baltimore/Kansas City to get to the Super Bowl.  I like that the Jets get the Colts right off the bat.  I'll analyze the game as the week approaches.

All I know right now is the Colts left a bad taste in my mouth a year ago...I'm looking forward to some revenge.

I hope the Jets feel the same way.

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