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February 27, 2011 10:00 PM

A Fan's Boycott


The 2011 baseball season will be a test of my wills like none I've ever faced before.

I told you last year that I was considering a boycott of the Mets...well, it's time for me to put my money where my mouth is.  (Or, to not put my money where my mouth is?)

I was reminded of how difficult that will be when the Mets released their promotional schedule this weekend.

Usually that's the launching-off point for me deciding which games to go to in the upcoming season.

But there will be no Mr. Met Bobblehead for me this year.

No, I will stand behind my beliefs...unless you want to take me to a game, of course.

I wrote this last August 15, a couple of days after I attended R.A. Dickey's one-hitter:

I had a great time at the Mets game Friday night, but I think I'm done spending any money on this organization until they make some changes.  I'll watch the games, I'll write about them...but I will not contribute in any financial way until I feel good about the team I'm contributing to.

First of all, that game was awesome.  I loved sitting in the Pepsi Porch (front row!), and it was good company and a great game.  But I feel even more strongly now than before about not spending money on the Mets until they figure things out.

There's a few ways to look at this: 1) I have no confidence in the Mets' management of their finances, so why should I contribute to those finances? 2)  Maybe there's no safer time to contribute to the Mets' finances, because there's no way they can screw up with so many eyes on them now, right?  and perhaps the one that gives me most pause, 3) If there are enough fans who feel the way I do and follow suit, the Mets, already struggling with attendance and experiencing financial troubles no large-market team should face, could be in some serious, serious trouble.  On one hand, I'd hate to be a contributor to that downfall, but on the other hand, maybe it will lead to the selling/forced transfer of the team that needs to happen.

I'm so afraid this whole money business with the Mets will get them to the point where they will no longer be able to function, and they'll need to go small-market for a while to right the financial ship.  And that would mean trading big chips for prospects, i.e. David Wright.  And I would hate that.

Because I really love the Mets.  So consider this tough love.  Because I can't contribute to their problem.

So here's how this is going to work:
-I'm going to watch the Mets all year long on television.  I will write about them all year long.  I will read the stories in the papers and I'll continue to root for them.
-I will not buy any Mets clothing or other paraphernalia until I decide the money I spend on the team is money well-spent.
-The same goes for tickets to games...especially tickets to games.  That's become a huge investment, and I, unlike the Mets apparently, like to keep track of my money and what happens to it.  (I suppose if someone is willing to take me to a game I won't turn down a ticket someone else buys...because I do love a game at Citi Field.)
-That Citi Field tour I told my daughter we'd take at some point?  It's going to have to wait. 

For as long as I can remember I've been going to Mets games.  I'm going to make a rough estimate and say that since the early '80s I've attended at least one Mets game a year.  I fully realize that taking this step in 2011 presents a real possibility that for the first time in 25+ years I may not go to a Mets game.

There is so much as a sports fan that I can't control.  This I can.  And if that means sitting out the 2011 season, I'm ready to do it.

Even if it means I won't get an Ike Davis Bobblehead on Tuesday, July 19th.

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