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February 2, 2011 3:25 PM

Did I Inadvertently Sell My Soul?


Wednesday was another snow day for me.

And, as per my usual snow day routine, I spent the afternoon watching the MLB Network.

I was thrilled, of course, when "Baseball's Seasons: 1986" came on at 2pm.

As usual, my happiness over re-living the Mets' 1986 season was tempered with the accompanying sadness at all of the disappointing seasons since.

And it made me think - did the 1986 Mets use up all my sports luck?

Just think about it for a minute.

108 regular season wins.  That alone is incredible.

Two of the most dramatic post-season series wins in baseball history...including arguably the greatest (and most unlikely) World Series single-game comeback.

When the baseball went through Bill Buckner's legs to end Game 6 and force the seventh game of the World Series, did, too, my chance at ever again seeing the Mets win the World Series?  (And likewise, my crazy mind wonders, did Joe Namath's huge Super Bowl III upset win seal the Jets' fate for another generation or two?)

Does each team get a certain amount of good fortune for a certain number of years?  Maybe a team like the Yankees, for instance, spreads that good fortune out for a bunch of years, sprinkling a little bit in 1996, a little more 1998-2000, and then again in 2009.  The Cubs?  Well, maybe they used it all up in the early 1900s, and once they find their winning the Red Sox, once they won in 2004...more success will follow closely behind.

I don't know - I just have no logical explanation for why my two favorite teams have won so few championships in my I'm resorting to the mythological.

And watching the good fortune of 1986 makes me wonder.  That Mets team was filled with flawed characters...and they made no friends over the course of the season.  Yet they were charmed.  Dramatic wins in their last at-bat three times in the NLCS, and then the magic of that Game 6.  And, personally, the Mets won a championship with my all-time favorite player at my all-time favorite position: Gary Carter.  That's like everything coming together at once.

If there is only a little bit of good fortune to go around, the Mets used it all up on me in 1986.

But I'm here to say: Beltran watching strike 3 in the 2006 NLCS.  The final days of the 2007 and 2008 Mets seasons.  The Mets losing a Subway Series in 2000.  The Jets losing back-to-back AFC Championship Games.  The current state of the Mets.  Paul Wilson, Jason Isringhausen, and Bill Pulsipher.  Rich Kotite, Browning Nagle, Blair Thomas, and Bubby Brister.

I'm willing to call it even.

5 years ago the Mets celebrated the 20th anniversary of the 1986 team.  I don't know if there are any 25-year recognitions in the works...but that means it's been 25 years.  They've been 25 long years.

I saw the Rangers win a Stanley Cup in 1994, but I'm nowhere near into hockey the way I am football or baseball.  There was a very exciting Boston University hockey championship a couple of years ago, but it doesn't resonate with me the way a Jets or Mets win would.

I was 8 in 1986.  It's the only time I saw the Mets or Jets win a championship. 

I'm ready for a memory to join the 1986 Mets.

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