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November 11, 2012 12:31 AM

A Marriage on the Rocks


Sunday Paper (Year 4, Volume XLVI)

Football fandom is a weird thing.

It's not like I consciously chose to be a Jets fan.

I'm a Jets fan because my dad is a Jets fan.

I've loved the Jets for about 30 years.

But they've caused me so much heartache.

And, probably about a decade or two too late, I'm starting to think I shouldn't have to put up with this year after year.

Me and the Jets - we're kind of on the rocks.

I'm giving some serious thought to a divorce.


I've been lucky. My parents' marriage, my marriage, most of my family - the real marriages in my life are strong, strong marriages.

Maybe that's why I commit so strongly to my teams.

But the Jets have certainly tried my patience this season.

I suppose two AFC Championship Games in five years isn't much to complain about...unless you throw in 25 or so other disappointing years.

I remember feeling this way at the end of 2008. Do you remember which game? Yep. Jets at Seattle. Just like today. (If you want to read a live blog summary that closely encapsulates the life of a Jets fan, click that link.)

And that got me thinking - even back before the bye week. (Somewhat prompted by this New York Times Magazine essay about a Knicks fan wondering whether or not to shift loyalties with the dawning of the newly-located Brooklyn Nets.)

I loved my week in Seattle in the summer of 2010. I just loved it out there. It's unrealistic to think I'll spend very much time out there in my life...but I watched the Seahawks on national TV not too long ago.

Overachievers this year. Exciting young quarterback. Beautiful stadium. (I took that above picture of Qwest Field when I was out there two years ago.) Sharp uniforms. Seattle caught my attention.

I am absolutely not going to come out and say I'm done with the Jets. This week.

But I'm going to keep an eye on other options.

Could that make Jets-Seahawks a battle for my affections? It just might.

*At the Seahawks this week, at the Rams next week. The Jets need to win them both to be back at .500 before the Patriots game on Thanksgiving. If they get to that point I'll consider their season saved. But I'm not hopeful.

*Hard not to be rooting for the Colts just a little bit with that Chuck Pagano story going on. 

*I do love seeing a number one-ranked team go down on a Saturday afternoon this late in the college football season. I like seeing things get shaken up a bit.

*Big week for Mets news:
-On Wednesday the Mets reached a buyout deal with Jason Bay. His Mets career is over.
-Also on Wednesday, Lucas Duda had surgery on a broken wrist he suffered moving furniture in his home.
-R.A. Dickey is a finalist for the National League Cy Young Award, which will be announced this week.

*It doesn't hurt that he gave an amazing eulogy for my hero, but everything I see involving Johnny Bench makes me like him even more. I stumbled across this article this week, and he just seems like a great character.

*My basketball-following days are behind me, but I still keep an ear to the ground a bit so I have an idea about what's going on. I think I'm mostly amused by MSG's Knicks ads, though, that were pulled because they were "controversial". I think people overreacted. I maintain SNY's ads from a couple of years ago were far more offensive to Indians (India Indians, not Columbus/Native American "Indians") than any of these ads are towards New York.

*Do I really see myself leaving the Jets? No, not really. But I honestly don't know whether I can keep dealing with these disappointments. And see what keeps happening? This: Late Saturday night as I'm writing this I'm convincing myself that Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez deserve the benefit of the doubt because they've always performed best with their backs against the wall. And I don't know that they could be any more backed up against a wall than they are right now. So that's why I believe at the very least the Jets will keep this game close - and maybe even win! Jets 16, Seahawks 10

*Why do I keep doing this to myself?

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