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November 22, 2012 12:58 AM

This Will Be The Last Time, I Promise (I Hope)


I'm doing it again.

But I think this will be the last time.

See, I just didn't think the Jets would be in any position right now to have a shot at anything.

And the fact that they have a game on Thanksgiving that can propel them on one last possible Super Bowl run in 2012....well, I'm believing, if just for this week.

The Jets came so close against the Patriots the last time they played.

And the Jets are coming off a big win last week.

And the Patriots have been flawless since narrowly beating the Jets.

Maybe they're due.

Because if the Jets beat the Patriots, that easy part of the schedule that looked so good back when it looked like the Jets might be good this year starts looking good again.

The Jets will stand at 5-6 with the Cardinals at home after an extended rest period.

Then the Jaguars. Then the Titans. Then the Chargers at home. Then the Bills.

Those are all winnable games.

Of course, it all depends on which Jets team shows up from week to week.

I'm not talking here about the team that laid an egg against Miami and Seattle.

We need the team that blew out the Rams and the Colts...and should have beaten New England.

Things seem to be breaking their way - the easy schedule the remainder of the season, the fact that the Patriots will be without Rob Gronkowski (and let's stop blaming Bill Belichick for not subbing out his extra point team. What a ridiculous concept. Who expects their starting tight end to get hurt on an extra point try? Maybe, though, that's why teams don't run up the score...)

I can't even believe that I'm back into thinking the Jets have any chance. I really can't.

But you can't deny that there's certainly some excitement to be had over the remainder of this season.

As long as the Jets back up my faith with a win on Thanksgiving night against the Patriots.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

I'll be enjoying mine right up until 8pm. And then maybe again at around 11:30. By then I'll know whether it's worth watching the rest of this season.

*By the way - I assumed that this game would be on NFL Network because it was a Thursday night game. But it's an NBC game, which thrills me to no end. Let's hope the broadcast team isn't the highlight of the night.

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