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December 4, 2012 7:53 PM

Back To The Drawing Board


About all I know right now about the Jets QB situation is that their long-term solution at the position is not one of the three quarterbacks currently on the roster.

It's not Mark Sanchez anymore.

It's not going to be Greg McElroy.

And it won't be Tim Tebow.

They may last a season or two....but more likely won't.

And then we'll be back to where we've been so many times in Jets history:

Wondering who will join Joe Namath as the only quarterbacks to lead the Jets to a Super Bowl win.

I watched Greg McElroy play on Sunday against Arizona. He was fine. He led the Jets to the win...he probably deserves to start next Sunday's game in Jacksonville.

But is McElroy better than Mark Sanchez? I don't really think so. Or at least I haven't seen enough evidence to make me think so yet.

Here's the thing: I know I sound like I'm getting into my old Mark Sanchez apologist self. But - bold statement coming - of all the disappointing Jets quarterbacks in the disappointing Jets history....Not one has gotten a rawer deal than Mark Sanchez.

Hear me out.

I understand Sanchez has not played well. I don't know, given the same situation on Sunday and the same play calls, that he would have been able to lead the team to the game-winning touchdown. He's in a really bad slump. But the Jets haven't helped him out much at all.

Their receivers are terrible. The running game is terrible. There is no supporting cast for Sanchez. Perhaps he hasn't inspired his teammates. It certainly seemed that way Sunday when the running game suddenly came alive after he was benched - where was that offensive line push for Sanchez? Bottom line: the coaches seemed to know what to do with McElroy for his quarter-and-a-half of action on Sunday more clearly than they've known what to do with Sanchez the past year-and-a-half.

Is that on the coaches or the quarterback? I don't know. But I don't feel like Sanchez was set up to succeed in any way starting in 2011.

Perhaps that goes back to his rookie or sophomore season - maybe if he faced a serious threat of benching back then he would have had a chance to come back with some sort of fire and improve his play. Maybe if he was benched early this season when things went south and then given a chance to get back under center he wouldn't have played some of the terrible games he's played.

But now? Benched at home, on the receiving end of such vitriol from the home fans who were chanting for his backup all game? Chanting for one of his backups since game one, as a matter of fact? You can't bring Sanchez back after that. It wouldn't be fair to him or to the rest of the team. 

But unless he starts lighting the world on fire and fast, I don't think McElroy is worth bringing back either. I've seen him play better in preseason games than he did on Sunday. Maybe he was nervous...but it's quite possible he's no better than Mark Sanchez. And clearly Tim Tebow is not the quarterback of the Jets future.

So we're back to wondering who will be. Again.

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