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December 23, 2012 12:51 AM

Getting Worse Before It Gets Better


Sunday Paper (Year 4, Volume LII)

Well, here we are again.

For the Mets, it's a rebuilding project.

For the Jets, it's back to the drawing board.

I wish I could say this was uncharted territory for us fans, but it's an all too familiar situation.

And once again we're left hoping that someday it will get better.


The Mets seem a little bit closer at this point than the Jets.

If everything pans out (and that is certainly no given), the prospects the Mets picked up in the trades of Carlos Beltran and R.A. Dickey could be Major League-ready and joining up with the young talent already on the Mets to start competing for a championship a year from now.

The Jets? First they have to be deconstructed, and then reconstructed. And right now we have no idea who's going...which means we'll have no idea for even longer about who's coming.

If I had to guess, I'd say with 100% certainty that Mike Tannenbaum is gone, I'd say it's 75% likely Rex Ryan is gone, and I'm going 50-50 on Mark Sanchez, depending on how the other shoes fall. (That estimate is subject to increase...and to be honest, it seems like it's leaning towards him being gone, but I could see ways in which a new coaching staff decides to keep him on and avoid the cap hit and bring in competition and try to salvage something out of him with the right surrounding talent.)

It'll be an interesting January and February for the Jets - for all the wrong reasons.

And then the Mets will be reporting for Spring Training, and we'll start getting a look at what their seemingly more promising immediate future may hold.

*I just think Rex Ryan bypassing Tim Tebow and going with Greg McElroy as the starter today is Ryan putting the final nail in his own coffin, sort of telling Woody Johnson, "Don't tell me who to play." But that's totally my own speculation.

*I had a great idea for Rex Ryan's life after the Jets: It seems likely Jon Gruden is going to get a new job coaching (or at least there's a lot of talk that he might)....what about Rex Ryan in the Monday Night Football booth on ESPN? I know they don't go handing that job out to just anyone - but if anyone has the personality for it, it's Ryan. Really, though, while TV sounds like it would be great for Ryan, I don't see him as anything but a coach for a while. As long as his ego can handle taking orders from someone else again, he'd probably hook on as a defensive coordinator somewhere where he could win while he waits for the right head coaching job to come along.

*I knew about Adrian Peterson's possible record-breaking season - it's been getting lots of press since at least the halfway point of the season. But I honestly had no idea until this weekend that Calvin Johnson could possibly break Jerry Rice's record for receiving yards in a season. Perhaps that's because the Lions bit the big one this year.

*I've mentioned many times that this football season I've become a fan of Peter King's writing on (And my awareness that I'm like 20 years or however long late to that party.) But I've also become a big fan of over the past few months, and some of the columnists there, particularly Richard Deitsch and his media reviews. I love this note from last week, I think - someone asked about commercial breaks in NFL games, and he found out that there's about 21 or 22 (I forget the exact number) that can be split however the network decides during the game. I always wondered if there was a rule for TV timeouts in other sports like in college basketball. I find that stuff very interesting.

*Caught some NBA highlights on ESPN while waiting for a bowl game to come on Saturday, and saw the Toronto Raptors' home court. I had to text Justin in NYC to see if my eyes were deceiving me - they have an optical illusion for their baseline paint - the word seems to jump out at the TV screen. It looks almost like it's super-imposed on the floor by TV, but Justin thinks it's really painted on the floor. What a cool idea.

*I was just about to put this Sunday Paper to bed when I stumbled across a report that Ryan Freel had committed suicide. That's a sad story. Not a lot of information out right now...isn't he the guy who had a weird alter ego or an imaginary companion or something? He was a character, I think. 

*Next week's Sunday Paper will feature the Top 10 stories from '200 Miles From The Citi' for 2012. I always like slapping that together.

*If Christmas is your thing, I hope it's Merry. If not, have a nice week.

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