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November 26, 2009 12:40 AM

5 jive turkeys this NBA season

Tracy_McGrady.jpgHappy Thanksgiving to all!

For the most part, the 2009-2010 NBA campaign has been living up to those lofty expectations set in the offseason.

From the highest-rated televised games on TNT to the Atlanta Hawks' hot start to begin the season, NBA fans have had plenty to rap, laugh and cheer about over the past month. But while entertaining, the year has also served up a fair share of head-scratching front office moves and some nauseating acts and statements by a few players.

The popular '70s slang term jive turkeys has several definitions, but we're calling the following dudes them because they're unreliable, unreasonable and/or simply ungrateful already this young NBA season.  

So without further ado and in the spirit of Thanksgiving dinners on tables across the country today, here are All Net's five jive turkeys so far this NBA season.

5). LeBron James (Cleveland Cavaliers). The normally reserved King James of the Cavs (11-4) needs to stick to basketball. First, he called for a league-wide retirement of Michael Jordan's jersey No. 23. Then a week later, he boldly claimed he could be a NFL star if he wanted.

4). Tracy McGrady (Houston Rockets). Injuries are a part of the game. But when's T-Mac (photo above, left)) going to play again for the Rockets (8-7)?  The guy's the highest paid player in the league this season, and he's always wearing sports coats instead of sports jerseys.

400px-Glen_DavisWizards.jpg3). Glen "Big Baby" Davis (Boston Celtics). If the childish fight with his ex-teammate happened early in the offseason, that would've been bad. Three days before opening night tip-off made it idiotic. The aging Celtics (11-4) sorely miss Davis' energy and big body (photo above, left). 

2). George Shinn (New Orleans Hornets). Owner Shinn said firing Byron Scott gave his team the best chance "to reach (their) goals this season." The Hornets (7-9) have played harder. Nevertheless, the 2008 NBA Coach of the Year deserved more time to right the ship.

1). Allen Iverson (Memphis Grizzlies). When things got tough, the future Hall of Famer got going. After missing preseason and first three regular-season games, Iverson cried about lack of minutes. It's likely, though, the Griz (5-10) would've obliged him had he handled the situation better.

(Wikimedia Commons photos) 

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