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August 27, 2009 3:43 PM

COMMENTARY: Stoudemire, Suns both want the same thing

Amare Stoudemire hinted toward leaving the Phoenix Suns next season, The Arizona Republic is reporting.

While lecturing to 300 students at Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School, Stoudemire suggested this could be his last year in Phoenix.

"This might be my farewell tour, huh?" Stoudemire said. "If so, I'm going out with a bang, baby."

The situation is--and always has been--this. Stoudemire is entering the final year of his contract. He would like an extension and the Suns have yet to give it to him.

It looks as though the Suns and Stoudemire are far apart, but they are actually closer than it seems. They're seeing the same goal from two different perspectives.

Take away the basketballs, the huge crowds and the hardwood. What you'll find is a real-life situation that we can all relate to.

What both sides want is certainty.

Stoudemire desires security. Just like you. Just like me. Security is the reason why we buy houses instead of rent, and marry instead of date.

After the hand shake?

Sign on the dotted line.

We want a sure thing. That way we know it's real. In a world of stress, unpredictability and irregularity, consistency and certainty are welcomed with open arms. So we find ourselves, here, as observers, voyeurs, peering in on this standoff. After averaging 21 points per a game and nine rebounds over his seven-year career, the decision to offer him the max-contract Stoudemire desires should be a no-brainer. There is just one issue in the way. Don't forget that Stoudemire has suffered some injuries along the way. The most recent setback was an injury to his eye last season, one which forced him to sit out the rest of the year. The Suns want to make sure he is fine before offering him a rich deal. Phoenix would like to make sure its investment is sound.

Stoudemire, on the other hand, just wants to know that he is wanted. He's been in more trade talks than bubble gum cards over the last few years. The Suns had talks with Memphis before the trading deadline last year and came close to trading Stoudemire to the Golden State Warriors this summer. Think about it. If you're in a relationship and your significant other seemed disinterested and was always looking for the next best thing, would you have thoughts of walking away? Would you not prepare yourself for life without them?

I'm just saying.

Like so many avenues of life, this will work itself out. This could--and should--play out for the entire season. The decision, at that time, would be easy for the Suns. Stoudemire can come back, play well, remain healthy and assure the Suns his worth as a max-contract player, or he could struggle and spend most of the season on the injured list, which would urge the Suns to take a flier on Stoudemire and trade him or let him go via free agency.

At this time both sides want what they want and neither seems willing to compromise. They'd walk away before they budge. But here's the thing: Neither side will have to move. It will work itself out with time.

Both just need to exercise a little good old fashioned patience.

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