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September 22, 2009 8:27 PM

Brother Says Fitzgerald Is Hot, Coach Says No

The Arizona Cardinals snapped out of their offensive funk and claimed a 31-17 win over the Carolina Panthers Sept. 20 on the road, improving to 1-1 on the season.

And everyone is happy--- except Larry Fitzgerald. Or so his brother says.

In an online column by Dan Bickley, Marcus Fitzgerald, Larry's younger brother, said Larry was a little peeved after catching four passes for 34 yards.

Marcus on his Twitter account wrote: "Just got off the phone with my brother. he's happy about the win. But PISSED he didn't get the ball thrown 2 him much!"

Is the extra attention and new schemes geared toward Fitzgerald beginning to wear on him after two games?

And if so, will it become a problem? Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt isn't worried about it. He said Fitzgerald has not been upset and demanding. He has taken the slow start in stride.

"I think the one thing I'm most impressed with Larry - we all know he's a great player and the strides he made last year - but the leadership strides he's made this year," Whisenhunt told The Arizona Repbulic. "It's the way he handles himself on the field, so no, I'm not concerned about that."

Fitzgerald began the season with high expectations and they have not faded. However, even with the slow start, he is on pace to score 16 touchdowns, which would be four more than he tallied a year ago. His projected receiving yardage numbers are 840 yards, well short of the 1,431 he posted last season.

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