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July 8, 2009 11:43 PM

Angels Run Ragged On The Bases - Literally.

Mike Scioscia said he had a sleepless night after the game in which the Angels had five baserunning blunders. Well, Mike, start looking for the sleeping pills.

Is it that hard to go 90 feet without screwing up? Seriously. Vladdy we know is a self destructive missile on the basepaths. He runs the bases the same way he swings - damn the torpedoes!

But Bobby Abreu? Didn't expect a little league move out of him. Big game against Texas, first inning, Abreu on second, one out. Hunter hits what is clearly a ball in the hole. Even if the shortstop fields it - which he did - there's no way he'll throw Hunter out.

He didn't have to.

That's because Abreu went into brain lock, broke the golden rule about not trying to advance from second on a ground ball to the left side, and stood there like he forgot he was in the middle of a baseball game.

Another inning ruined by a baserunning blunder. The Angels must lead the league.

Listen, I play in an adult baseball league and WE make fewer baserunning mistakes than the Angels -- okay, except for the time we had a guy picked off first to end a game when we were down by two runs. 

But there is absolutely no excuse for a major league baseball team to overrun a bag, break from second on a grounder to short, make the last out at third. And certainly not to do it with the regularity of the Angels.

I'd say fire Hatcher, 'cause that's what I usually do when the Angels screw up. But poor Hatch can't be blamed for this one. Maybe Griffin? Ebel? Scioscia?

Hey, I have a wild idea. How about the players themselves?

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