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July 6, 2009 11:34 PM

Stars align for Angels.

Well, tied for first, bats coming alive. A season that could have gone south... didn't. And now a couple of all-stars.

A quick glance at the two who got in:

Hunter. So often free agents bomb out in new cities. Too much pressure, too much change. Sometimes, quite frankly, they aren't as good as they seemed to be. Maybe it was their home park, their comfort zone, their mind set.

But on arriving to a new town, they turn into tank city. I've seen it a million times. Not Tori. He was solid last year, spectacular this one. And he seems like a great guy. A great teammate. Happy for Hunter.

Then there's Fuentes. I have to say, this one is a surprise. Not that he was chosen, but that he was so deserving. I was as quick as anyone to rue the departure of K-Rod when Fuentes was getting lit up early on. But now, the man is starting to grow on me. The tough, serious expression. The weird left-handed release (who would have thought Scioscia, who didn't even have a lefthander on staff for years, would have one as his closer?) Even the mediocre fastball.

But Fuentes wins. And in the big leagues, that's what matters.

The two who didn't get in:

Weaver. Close, but no cigar. Rightfully so. Two starts ago he was a shoo-in. Then he got spanked by his older brother, which carried over to his next start. ERA went up, record went down, all-star selection went adios. But it's okay, he'll make it eventually. He's a winner.

Rivera. Nah. Hey, big fan. But slow start kept his stats from all-star level. He's gonna have a great season, though. Can't wait to see his final numbers, assuming he stays healthy. 

The one who still might:

Figgy. Why not? He's having a great year. I was never a Figgins fan - as anyone who knows me can tell you. He used to make at least one major mistake a game, either in the field, on the bases, or at bat. Every game, I'd wait to see how he'd screw up. And he always did. For a little man with speed, he couldn't bunt (still can't,) he hit the ball in the air too often, and he never walked. It was impossible. How could he not walk? A guy like him HAS to walk. Yet he'd swing at every pitch like he was Vladdy.

But he's worked hard on his game. He's taking pitches this year. He's fielding like an actual third baseman. And he's getting on base.

So I vote for Figgy to make the all-star team. And if they'd get rid of that stupid rule that says every team has to be represented, he probably already would have.


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