Bob Birge's Irish Eyes Are Smiling

September 10, 2009 4:10 AM

Eric Mangini, name a starter -- please!

Exactly what is the big deal?

Eric Mangini is the only NFL coach who has not officially named a starting quarterback for this week's season-opening games.

All NFL coaches are paranoid control freaks to some degree, but the first-year Browns coach is taking the paranoia to a new level.

He thinks that officially announcing his quarterback would put his team at a disadvantage Sunday against the Vikings. He acts as if he is guarding a classified trade secret.

However, this is perhaps the NFL's worst-kept secret, as the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported Wednesday that Brady Quinn has been tabbed as the Browns' starter.

Everyone around the NFL seems to know that Quinn will start Sunday, yet Mangini acts as if no one knows -- how absurd!

Anyway, we may be biased, but we think Mangini made the right choice. Derek Anderson enjoyed a storybook season two years ago, nearly leading the Browns to the playoffs, but he flopped last season, suggesting that he is no more than a one-year wonder.

The feeling here is that the Mighty Quinn has a better upside. He provides the intangible elements that Anderson lacked (leadership, intelligence, charisma, an ability to rally his teammates).

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