Bob Birge's Irish Eyes Are Smiling

September 19, 2009 7:25 PM

Still down in the dumps over the loss to Michigan

Not really in the mood to watch the game today, feeling the year already has been lost, thanks to Charlie Weis' late playing calling last week.

It is, of course, a foolish way of looking at the season, because there is still a lot of good things the Irish can accomplish in 2009.

A 10-win campaign is still possible, but then means running the table, and I'm not sure Notre Dame can do that.

Wait, you say. The Irish can still get to 10 wins by going 9-1. Sure, they can, but that one defeat will be to Southern California.

So, that means running the table in the other nine games, and we're just not sure the Irish can avoid another slip-up somwhere down the road.

That's how damaging last week's game was, both from an emotional and practical point of view.

We'll see how the Irish bounce back. Let's see if they come out with a better attitude than this fan, and finally beat Michigan State at home.

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